I recently published my book titled “The One Who Kills Time” on WebNovel!
It is a school, slice of life short story. If you’re interested, click below!

The One Who Kills Time

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About Me

Let me introduce myself,

I am K.A.L.T, basically, the initials of my fake Japanese name my friend gave me followed by my actual initials. I created this website mainly to share my thoughts that I can no longer sufficiently express on my anime Instagram account (@amquotesnoob). While the edits I posted on it utilise anime pictures, not all the quotes used are from the anime itself. More often than not, they are quotes I came up with myself. Thus, on this website, I will mainly be using scenery pictures I took while in my home country, Singapore, or overseas trips as backgrounds for my quotes instead. However, not all my quotes could exactly be called original quotes since it is rare for anything to be original in a world with more than 7 billion people in the world.

Anyways, I hope those of you who have arrived at this website enjoy your time here and perhaps give your own opinions and perspectives on what I have to share.

– K.A.L.T

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I am on multiple social media platforms.

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All featured images are edited by me (using Picsart/Phonto/PixelLab) using photos taken by me (unless mentioned otherwise) so please tag me in the photos (@kaltinthought) if you use them in posts on Instagram or Twitter.

– Now using images from Pixabay as well.
– Mainly using only Phonto and Picsart.

Fonts Used Outside Applications Used:
Mechanic of the Heart
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I have a financial relationship with some of the merchants I mention. My blog contains affiliate links and banners, which means I may get compensated at no extra cost to you if the affiliate links are utilised to generate a sale.

I am an affiliate of 3 merchants.

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1_General CDJapan

BookDepository: One of the few online shopping services that provides free shipping worldwide with a large myriad of books available. From novels to light novels and even manga. I have purchased books from BookDepository before.

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

RightStuf: A well-known platform to get Anime DVDs and other merchandise. While there are cases of damaged products and thus bad reviews. Likewise, there are many good reviews on the reliability of their service and affordable prices for Anime DVDs. However, before ordering from RightStuf, you may want to check out their Shipping Info.

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