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Limits: True or False?

there is a limit to talent but not ability

Having just watched Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: Futari no Hero today, it made me think of the limits of humans. In TV shows and anime with the standard heroes versus villains like the movie I just watched, it is not uncommon for the good guys to go past their limits to achieve mission success. When we watch moving scenes of heroes overcoming all odds to defeat evil, we feel inspired as we are caught in the moment.

However, in real life, as everyone already knows, it is not that easy. We have to invest a lot of time and effort to continuously improve ourselves to overcome our weaknesses and limitations. Even then, we often face situations where we feel helpless. Despite having put in our everything into our task, we reach our limit before completing our task. In such cases that we have already put in effort to increase our limits yet fail, it is likely due to a lack of confidence. Too used to failure, even with the hard work we put in to improve ourselves, we cannot overcome something we should be able to. In other words, we are limited by our self-perception. If we believe that we are unable to do something, no matter how hard you may have worked, you will constantly feel like you are at your limit and cannot continue forward. These are psychological limits.

These are probably the limits Michael Jordan was referring to when he said,

“Limits, like fear, is often an illusion.”

We give ourselves the illusion that we are weaker than we are for various different reasons. It could be because we fear the heights we have yet to reach and places we can go but have yet to explore. The higher we go, the higher the expectations of us. Subconsciously, perhaps we know that we are not performing at our best. Despite knowing that, we do not want to do our best. We do not want to risk failing even after really giving it our best. We do not want to experience true helplessness and powerlessness. However, concealing your hidden potential for too long could result in you truly believing that the limit you set for yourself is your true limit. Illusion becomes reality and you live your life without ever tapping on your hidden potential.

To find our true limits, we have to truly push ourselves. Like Herbert Simon said,

“One finds limits by pushing them.”

Psychological limits can be broken through as long as we are determined to press forward with confidence. Once they are broken, only then will we be able to grasp our true limits. By realising our true limits, we can then truly work to go beyond them to reach out true potential. Even if it may not be comparable to some others who are simply more gifted and have higher limits, it should be enough strength for you to be respectable and dependable.

– K.A.L.T

Do you often suffer from self-doubt and low self-esteem? Or are you confident in all you do? Please share in the comments what you think of your limits, and whether you think they are true or false limits. 🙂

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