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Predictability over Uncertainty

predictability is reassuring

As we go about our daily lives, especially in first-world countries, we often get swept up in the flow of society. We live such mundane and routine lives that make life seem meaningless. We work when we have to work and have fun with friends and family during our free time. Or perhaps, we may choose to simply enjoy some alone time. Fun times are categorised simply by instances in which we are laughing or appear to be enjoying ourselves in the lives we lead. Usually, these fun memories include hanging out with friends outside or people we hold dear. Girls talk about guys, guys talk about girls and both talk about hobbies and interests among other things.

At first, we talk about our fun experiences and treasure our memories of them. They seem like unique and memorable experiences because of how we felt at that time. However, as we go through life, such experiences accumulate and lose their spark. What used to seem fun and unique is now dull and mundane. We may still feel joy during the times spent with those close to us, but the memories and feelings fade quickly as they are no longer as unforgettable and memorable as before.

Or at the very least, that is what I experienced.

While I am sharing thoughts on how mundane life can get when it is so predictable, I am not saying that it is bad. Neither am I saying that we should not live this way. In fact, to me, this is a comfortable enough lifestyle. A life I want to continue living.

Even if I can never feel the thrill of a new experience again.

While some people say that predictability makes life boring, if I were to be caught in a situation in which I could not comprehend, I may not be able to deal with it. It is this prospect of the unpredictable that makes me fear the unknown. Thus, I often get comfortable with my daily routines and refuse to step out of my comfort zone.

Unfortunately, life is not so kind whereby it is always so predictable. There are often times I am forced to make a difficult decision, throwing me into uncertainty. When stuck in such situations, I desperately search for clues to get back on my feet. Search for clues to enlighten and enable me to turn the new experience forced upon me into something I can digest. Something that I can assimilate into my daily life. Something… predictable.

Unlike me, some people may be interested in the out-of-the-ordinary things and seek them out. However, they too would most likely end up turning them into ordinary things. Just as Izaya from Durarara (anime series) said,

“If you truly want to escape from everyday life, you have to keep evolving.”

It is in our nature to turn everything that we encounter into something we are familiar with. Without doing so, we would not be able to live in peace. Predictability is mundane yet reassuring. Especially so when it comes to our work. While leading a mundane and routine lifestyle may cause one to lose out in terms of fun, it does make our work far easier.

If we want something truly exciting at the cost of safety and comfort, we would end up on a never-ending journey. We would have to continuously search for something new. Each time we find something new and interesting, once we come to understand and comprehend it, we will have to move on to search for something else. It is a journey I am not willing to go on.

Are you willing to go on such a journey?

– K.A.L.T

At first I talked about how predictability ruined fun and excitement. But later I explained that predictability makes work much easier and comfortable. With regards to the work aspect, I would not be surprised if people disagree with me as they may see it meaningless to do the same routine things that could likely be done by artificial intelligence. However, for me, it is reassuring to know that I have accomplished the same task before countless times as compared to always facing a new task which I am unsure if I can handle.

Edit: In hindsight, it was wrong of me to mash together predictability of fun and games and predictability of work. In the end, we could simply continually search for unique experiences to enjoy while maintaining a mundane job with repetitive tasks. However, for me, I keep my stand on living a comfortable and predictable life for both. Why?Unpredictable and exciting experiences often have risks. Risks that I am unwilling to take. Even if the risk is low.

While I stated that I would much prefer a predictable and comfortable life, I know that this world is no where close to predictable. Everyday brings about new surprises and the world is forever changing. Despite that, deep inside, I long for time to stop. For things to stop changing and progressing at such a fast pace towards the uncertain future. I reluctantly follow onwards but I wonder how far I can go when my actions are not done with my heart. To truly be curious about new things and search out the unknown. To seek for new knowledge and experiences. I wish I had such desires within me. Do you desire excitement? Or have you fallen like me into a state in which you desire nothing but a predictable world that can allow you to live comfortably till the day you die?


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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