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Escaping from Self-Doubt

realise your abilities

In this world where failures are a common occurrence, many of us who are not particularly good at completing the tasks given to us tend to feel a sense of inferiority. Especially when surrounded by gifted and talented individuals who complete them easily.

We feel like we are trapped in a dark room and lack the spark in us to enable us to see.

We cannot see a bright future ahead of us.

As we go to school to learn more about our native language, science and humanities, we focus so much on just studying for the sake of getting good grades that we fail to realise what is important to us. What we truly want to do… What could light the spark in us and make us passionately work hard to achieve something.

We are wandering aimlessly in the dark, not knowing where we are headed. Going to school, studying and heading back home. Routinely and seemingly purposeful… yet they are nothing but empty actions. Simply going through the motions. Actions that prove we are doing nothing but walking in circles. Never progressing, never finding something to erase our self-doubt and lack of self-worth. Repeating the same failures over and over again because we do not put our heart into any of the work we do. All due to the fact that we cannot see ourselves achieving success no matter how hard we work.

We do not believe in ourselves at all.

We believe that we lack the ability to do anything.

We fail to realise that what they teach in school is not the limit to what you could be learning. Just because the things physically close to you do not interest you at all, does not mean that nothing in this world interests you. You need to realise the resources you have at your disposal to discover what you want to do. What interests you to the point that you would be willing to give all your heart and soul to ensure you can do it well.

Sometimes, we are simply too caught up in what we cannot do that it blinds us from the fact that we have the ability to do something else.

– K.A.L.T

I always doubted myself. As I studied hard and others played around, the results would seem to “prove” otherwise. I never did very well in examinations and was frustrated. I couldn’t figure out the reason why. After a while, I simply stopped expecting to get any decent results. I simply went through the motions of studying and accepted the fact that I was inferior to those around me. My life was routine and empty, eventually, feelings faded and I did not get so bothered by the fact that I was doing worse than others despite the amount of time I invested in studying. I lived an empty life through Junior College and believed that nothing interests me and that I could achieve nothing. However, 9 months into national service and free time during weekends, I discovered things I enjoy doing thanks to the power of the Internet. Things, I feel that I would be willing to learn and likely get the hang of if I try hard enough. Thus, I decided to write this post. 🙂

Comment your thoughts below. ^^


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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