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Friends Cannot Be Compared


Today one of my friends asked me out of the blue, “Me or him?”

Although it was just a joke, it reminded me of the past.

In primary school, I had two close friends (at that time) who fought over who was my best friend. This was mainly due to the fact that they were both okay with me but were at odds with each other. For some reason, they just did not like each other. Of course, at that time I was even timider than I am today so I could never answer their question of who I felt was a “better” friend. Especially since I did not want to hurt either of their feelings and truthfully, had no answer to the question.

Ultimately, even now, I still find that to be a redundant question. There is no comparison between friends in my opinion. Or at least, no way to compare which is a “better” friend. I feel that choosing who is “better” would simply be equivalent to deciding friends on who brings you the most benefits. Friends are all individuals with different personalities and will no doubt react in a variety of different ways depending on what they are like. Simply deciding one is worse due to their behaviour not meeting your own expectations means that you do not consider them your friends but simply people whom you can enjoy benefits from. People who only behave how you want them to.

To me, friends are people who you are comfortable being with. People who can do what they want and react in different ways to make things fun and interesting without bringing you harm. Not people who are the best at responding to my every need or want.

It doesn’t matter if one is more reliable than others or more fun to be around. Ultimately, as long as I feel comfortable around you and consider you a friend, you are important to me. Why bother comparing yourself to others whom I also consider as friends?

– K.A.L.T

Sorry for the rather short and late post today considering I usually try to post 8pm sharp on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Fridays are a little difficult to post by 8pm so I’ll try to either write a post for Friday beforehand and schedule it or simply give you guys a later post in the future. This is mainly due to the fact that I am currently serving national service and book out on Fridays. Meaning that I have to eat dinner and head home before I have time to start writing my post for the day. Usually, I eat a quick one and head back but today I had a long meal with my family. Anyways enough of my excuses. Hope you enjoyed the post and as always, feel free to comment your thoughts below. 🙂

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My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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