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Results Are Not Everything

results vs hardwork

Results are important.

That is an undeniable fact.

However, just because putting in your hard work and effort failed to achieve good results does not mean that it will go unrecognised. Of course, there may be people who only value results and could not care less about the amount of effort you put in. Despite that, I am sure that there will be people who are moved by your efforts despite your failure. Seeing someone try their best even with the odds against them. Don’t you think that is respectable?

We all love it when heroes in various entertainment mediums fight against strong opponents, giving it their all even if they have almost no chance of winning. Even if they lose, firmly holding their ground, trying their best to do what they set out to do, it moves people. It shows people how committed you are to your task and how tenacious you can be. Even if you fail once and the results are not as good as you had hoped. Do not lose heart and beat yourself up over it. Sometimes even heroes in TV shows and Anime need to be given multiple chances before they win. For example, Luffy from One Piece who can fight the villain three times and only win the third one. The only reason why he can even survive till the third battle is because of the people who were moved by his fights and decided to help him.

Fighting for what you feel strongly about is important. Even if you may lose, the hard work you put in cannot be ignored or denied. Even for me, despite doing pretty badly in Junior College, my friends and teachers never gave up on me and thought I could definitely succeed as long as I kept trying. They recognised my hard work and felt that I could do better if I just keep working at it. Keep studying hard and never giving up.

If you are smart and produce good results from the start, people may praise you and appreciate your work if you are working for them. However, it would mostly invite jealousy from others and written off at “due to talent”. In other words, while we may sometimes hate our own incompetence and wish we were better, perhaps it is not so bad to work hard to better ourselves the hard way.

I believe that most people appreciate good results but also respect hard work.

– K.A.L.T

This post was inspired by 3-Gatsu no Lion’s quote by Takashi Hayashida.

“Results are important but it’s not results that reach people Kiriyama, that’s not how the world works.”

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Honestly, I do know that without good results, it makes it more challenging for one to survive due to a lack of academic achievements to promote themselves to potential employers. However, I also believe that testimonies from teachers who acknowledge your hard work can also help to a certain extent. Perhaps not as much as good results, but enough to make employers or teachers willing to try to train or teach you to the point that you are good enough to produce decent results.

Comment your thoughts below. 🙂


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

3 thoughts on “Results Are Not Everything

    1. It is really sad because not daring to struggle and work hard limits the amount of experience you can accumulate. If you always try to take the short-cuts just to get the results you want, you may not be able to have the necessary skills and experience for a job/task you may be given in the future.

      Also, more related to my post, results alone will not get you a job. My mother used to be in HR, meaning she helped pick new hires. While results are important, they also look out for people who show great commitment/loyalty and know how to adapt to different situations which is much easier to do if you have accumulated a great deal of experience from working hard through failures and successes alike. Also, they want people who are willing to constantly learn new skills to keep up with our dynamic world today. If you are not willing to continually put in effort just because you achieved one good result, they likely would not want you because you are unable to progress and keep up with the rest of the world…

      I feel like I ended up rambling a bit too much and may have even gone quite far from the points I made in my post… Sorry about that ^^”


      1. That’s a great advice for me as I’ll be appearing for interviews next year. I might use one of these lines to impress HR 😜😜😜

        Btw it’s true that only results aren’t important. Willingness to keep learning something new & being ready to escape comfort zone is required.

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