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Blog Response: Alone


Before reading this post, head over to Unrevealed Thoughts post titled “Alone” by clicking here.

“…sometimes, we are alone mentally, when everyone is around us, yet we feelโ€ฆ alone.”

Often times, we are forced into situations where we have to interact with others. The only way to avoid interactions is to stay in your room and never come out. Thus, we try to make “friends” with those around us. We interact with them and try to get along with them. Perhaps, we may even say things we do not mean and behave in ways we would rather not. Forced to act not like ourselves for the sake of blending in. Or… unable to adapt, we fail to form smooth relationships with those around us and are forced to remain silent. In a group discussing a shared topic of interest, we remain silent as we are the only one with differing interests.

Although, it could even be small talk. Random questions being asked and your answers being glazed over despite your “inclusion” in the group of “friends” before moving on to the next person.

“Sometimes we want to be alone…”

When we need time to think. Time to reflect. Often times, we would much prefer to be left alone for a while. To think for ourselves.

When too many people have disappointed us and we no longer have enough faith in others to continue interacting with them. Jokes on our insecurities, our passions and our interests made by others prevent us from opening up to others.

When we are in a bad mood, some of us simply want to be left alone. To mull over our own troubles. Some of us need time to dwell on our own troubles by ourselves before we can get back up. If one were to meddle in our reflections, it would simply worsen our mood and likely decrease our ability to get back up.

Of course, sometimes we simply want to be alone not because we are particularly troubled… but simply because we have things that we want to do alone.

Things that we can only enjoy doing alone…

“and sometimes, we have no choice but to be alone.”

Situations are ever-changing. Just like people cannot forcibly change your decisions, you cannot forcibly change others decisions. Just because you do not feel like being alone… does not mean that there will definitely be someone there for you.

Even if you want someone to talk to… someone to open up to… someone to listen to you and understand you… someone to… rely on.

Such people are rare and cannot be found as and when you want.

“Some people want to be alone while others fear being alone… Some may even feel both.”

Feeling both… is not so uncommon… or at least that is what I’d like to believe. We all have times in which we would rather be left alone. Times in which we want to focus on our own things and not be distracted by others as I mentioned earlier. Yet at the same time… We do not want to be left completely alone for too long.

Especially if we have the tendency to overthink things. Or to focus mainly on troubles, our own incapabilities, flaws and weaknesses. We do not want to drown… We want… someone to save us. Someone to fill up our void inside. Someone who will let us know that our lives are worth living.

Being alone gives us time to think deeply, but if we are forever alone, our thoughts would simply die with us. Even if we learn to get stronger by ourselves due to being left alone. We would be bound by the limitations of our own mind. Unable to do many things… the most we would be able to do is survive till the day we die.

If we do not impact anyone other than ourselves, any achievement would simply die with us.

Life would have no meaning if we stubbornly choose to be alone.

Being alone once in a while can be refreshing, but being forever alone is terrifying.

Being forever alone would mean that you have to bottle up everything. Even if you shared whatever is on your mind or whatever you are feeling, it would not make a difference.

After all, being alone means to that no one to cares about your thoughts and emotions. Likewise, you do not care about the thoughts and emotions of others.


Being alone is essentially the same as living in your own world where no one else exists.

– K.A.L.T

I mentioned that life would have no meaning if we stubbornly choose to be alone. However, you could find meaning in simply living your life to the fullest, doing whatever you want as an individual.

In the end, being alone, whether it is right or wrong… there is no answer.

As I’ve made a post before on “Right or Wrong?”.

There is no right or wrong answer, all we can do is keep thinking.

What are your thoughts on being alone?

Be it physically or mentally.


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

7 thoughts on “Blog Response: Alone

    1. That’s great ๐Ÿ™‚
      Being able to feel complete on your own.

      I was the same. I loved being alone. It was comforting to not have to constantly be wary of my words and actions in fear of what others may say. I could do what I wanted. However, it became lonely when thoughts filled my head that I wanted to share with others but had no one to share them with. As a result, I created an Instagram page at first to pour out my thoughts and feelings. It worked for a while, however, over time, I wanted more. I wanted someone to talk to in real life. To talk about my thoughts and emotions that I felt. When I found people who would listen to me I was thrilled. But eventually, the closer I got to them, the more wary I got. The better I get to know people, the more restricted I get. Unconciously, I start to behave in ways I know that they will continue to accept me. I’m a coward who does not dare to act how I want to once I come to understand what the other person wants. As a result, I lose the people who I once felt comfortable talking to. I tried to become like I once was, however, having felt the joy of sharing my thoughts with another person, being alone became crushing. It was painful. I had nothing else to do in my spare time other than maintain my Instagram page which I was gradually losing inspiration for because there were limited things I could think of when feeling so empty and purposeless. That’s why starting this blog and writing our my thoughts in full and having people like you respond brought me great relief. Writing this blog is something I’ve set out to do for myself. I finally have something to do. I know some people may think I’m just greedy for money trying to be an affiliate of this and that, including ads and everything. However, to me, those are just ways in which I’m trying to prove to myself that doing what I like to do has some purpose. Sure, doing things out of passion and as a hobby should be sufficient to make it meaningful to me. However, I’ve been more heavily influenced by society than I’d like to admit. Unless I’m doing something that could potentially support me even a little bit, I would think it to be pointless. Especially if people do not really hear my voice and respond to it as I am sharing them as a “hobby”.

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      1. Well right now I’m comfortable being alone.

        I can understand how lonely it might have been for you to not have anyone to express yourself..
        I’m really glad to know that you’ve started this blog & doing a great job here. Without thinking about what others will say.

        Love to read your posts & communicate with you.

        My best wishes โค๏ธ

        Liked by 1 person

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