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Empty, Detached… Incomplete

First, I just want to apologise in case this post is not very well written.

I’m just trying to grasp the right words to describe something I cannot very well feel or understand after all…

For someone who laughs and talks a lot of nonsense with those around me on a day to day basis, the silence kills me. Especially when there is silence both around me and within me.

Often times, I talk and act however I want yet nothing really makes me feel anything deeply. As a result, I often forget what happened soon after. Basically, my memory is crap for those things that I do not care about, and I do not care about a lot of things. I do not care about so many things that honestly, that’s most likely why I feel so empty. I have nothing I genuinely care about to share and discuss with others so I feel detached from them.

I’m nothing but another incomplete person, wandering through my daily life trying to figure out why I exist. Sharing my thoughts online in hopes of being recognised. In hopes of having my existence recognised through my thoughts I shared.

An attention seeker? Maybe.

Someone trying to solve an inferiority complex? Maybe.

Perhaps someone who has a superiority complex when it comes to his thoughts compared to others? Maybe.

I honestly do not know my true intentions of whatever I do.

I say I enjoy writing but honestly… I just write.

I don’t particularly feel much.

I don’t particularly think much.

I just… write…

The same way I’m just living… living till the day I die…

Or maybe… I’m simply just existing…

As nothing but an empty shell pretending to be more than it is.

– K.A.L.T

As you guys know from my earlier post, today I just cannot seem to find the right words to describe what I feel at the moment. Thus, I listened to some songs and gained enough inspiration to write this.

This post was heavily inspired by the first three songs of the playlist below…


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

9 thoughts on “Empty, Detached… Incomplete

  1. Only you can discover the reasons why you are writing, but one thing is certain, you are reaching out and trying to connect. If you are wondering about all of that, then you aren’t empty. Maybe numbed? Not sure. Modern society does its best to turn us into unthinking beasts of burden. Good luck in your quest for answers!

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    1. I guess the feeling of emptiness is simply subjective. I may not truly be empty as you have said but I just lack the ability to feel and make a sense of what I’m feeling. Perhaps… I have simply mistaken this feeling for emptiness when it is in fact, something else.

      Thank you so much for your comment and good wishes 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure ^^
        I’m thinking “out loud” simply in hopes of hearing others opinions such as yours to help myself haha
        It’s just me being self-serving ^^”

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  2. It sounds as though you’re trying to find ways to not think about something………..whatever it is that you’re going through you’re not alone and you’re not an empty shell. You’re just trying, like us all, to find a way through this minefield we call life :O) x

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    1. It’s not that I’m trying not to think but rather, I’m trying to think but failed to think of anything… At least that was the case when I was writing my post. Though I cannot completely rule out the possibility since I may have been subconsciously trying to avoid thinking of something, whatever that may be.

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      I guess I’ll just keep trying to find a way through this life as everyone else is. As the lyrics translated to English in the song “Echo of a voice in the rain” goes, “We search desperately in this wonderful world for a reason to continue to live. That’s right, I remember, humans are beings that cannot bring themselves to live without hope.”

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      1. You couldn’t think of something to write or just felt as though your mind was a complete void? If it was the former – we all struggle with that from time to time and it’s frustrating. If it was the latter – I say enjoy the peace and quiet :O)
        Love the quote by the way x

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      2. Looking back, I think I was simply sleep deprived and could not write properly. Not being able to write frustrated me considering how much I’ve invested myself into writing the past 2 months so I felt purposeless and thus empty not being able to do so. ^^”
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts though 🙂
        Glad you loved the quote ^^

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