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One word, many definitions.

Everyone has a different idea of what love is. However, to me, I have the question the need of such an ambiguous word. Love can take so many shapes and forms that people mistake love for something else. Or mistake something else for love. The word “Love” is thrown around so much that honestly, it annoys me.

Love is a word that one uses with someone who is special to them. Yet at the same time, the word “love” can cause so many problems and misunderstandings.

Do you love them as just a close friend? Do you love them like you love your family? Or do you love them in a romantic way?

We express love in so many different ways to a variety of different people.

Isn’t it enough to know that a person is special to you? Must it be love for it to be a meaningful or extra meaningful relationship?

Love or not, being able to spend time with someone you enjoy spending time with. Someone, who you are comfortable with. Isn’t that enough? Why make things complicated by categorising it into love which everyone already has a pre-conception of? Why not just tell whoever you like that they are special to you and that you’d be willing to do anything within your abilities for them? It is because of the word “love” that people who were once close become distant…

If you enjoy spending time with someone just keep doing just that, if you bring up the word “love” it could end your relationship if he or she has someone else they like. They would no longer feel comfortable around you. Likewise, you would no longer feel comfortable around them. So why not just stop using the word love and hang out with the people you like and just enjoy the time spent with them?

At the end of the day, even if you say “I love you” and become a couple, nothing much changes. You just continue your days having fun with each other. It just becomes “official”. Does that really matter?

To me, all that matters is that you enjoy being with the other person.

Isn’t that enough?

Why bother bringing up “love”?

– K.A.L.T


Not exactly a blog response, but since I’ve seen various posts on love the past few days, I decided why not do one myself?

Also, thinking of starting a series of posts like this or maybe compile into a book titled “Unnecessary Words”. Perhaps both? What are your thoughts?


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

One thought on ““Love”

  1. Oh yes, I have learned to associate love with the feeling of comfort.

    Yes absolutely, that’s great idea. You should totally do it. A book carrying your views on varying topics. 🙂

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