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When you Google “mood”, this is the first result you’ll get.


Following this definition, it more or less explains why we have trouble dealing with varying moods. Despite how hard we may try to be consistent with what we do and avoid getting into a bad mood, sometimes, it just comes. Even if nothing particularly bad happens during the day. Likewise, sometimes we just feel great even if nothing particularly good has happened. Although, I have to say that I feel the bad moods come suddenly more often than good moods. Not to say that I have not experienced a surprisingly good mood as a result of absolutely nothing at all.

We live with our moods constantly changing, reacting to every little thing that we may not even be consciously processing. Due to this, we inevitably fall into a bad mood every once in a while. Into a bad mood in which we feel like we want to do nothing or can’t do anything even if we tried. It’s like an “off/on” switch that we cannot control. A switch that has unknown conditions to be turned off or on.

It’s really a mysterious thing. If we could learn to control our moods, I feel that it would make us far more productive. When I’m in a good mood, I’m actually determined to do something productive and will put in my 100% to whatever I set out to do. It always feels amazing after having a productive day due to a “good mood”.

Unfortunately, controlling our moods is not possible. While we can try to prevent events that may cause us to fall into a bad mood, some events cannot be avoided or come out of the blue. There is also the possibility of us just falling into a bad or good mood as I mentioned earlier.

Even then, is it possible to be able to psych ourselves out of a bad mood?

We may be unable to prevent ourselves from falling into a bad mood. However, can we help ourselves and return to a good mood by doing something?

I believe that sometimes it may be possible.

Indulging in our hobbies when we are in a bad mood may help sometimes. In my case, I enjoy reading Manga and watching Anime. When in a bad mood, it sometimes helps to read or watch a comedy to make me laugh and lighten my mood.

Another possible method to get rid of a bad mood is to sleep. After sleeping, sometimes it kind of resets my mood back to normal. Not a good mood, but not a bad mood either. It helps me to start afresh in a sense. To steer my mood from normal to a good mood, sometimes I listen to some music. Depending on the music we choose to listen to, we may be able to improve our moods or maintain our normal mood. For me, usually, some of **Please change this text with text describing what is being linked** “>Nano’s songs will do the trick.

However, the methods I have stated above are not long-term solutions for moods caused by one’s personality. Also, there are times when neither method may work. Perhaps at that point, all you can really do is think about what could possibly have caused the bad mood. From events to your own line of thinking. Maybe from there, you can figure out how to change your mindset or the situation around you to get rid of your bad mood.

Unfortunately, even with all these “solutions”, they may not work for everyone. Even if they do, they may not work for long. However, getting through one bad mood at a time, isn’t that good enough?

– K.A.L.T


Unfortunately, sometimes thinking too much may worsen one’s bad mood as they end up picking on their own flaws and insecurities. As the translated lyrics in “The Reason I Wanted To Die” by amazarashi goes,

“The reason I can’t stop thinking about death must be that I take living too seriously.”

Sometimes, we get ourselves into a bad mood by overthinking. We think too much about our flaws and weaknesses while worrying too much about trivial problems. In the end, more stressed than others, we also start to hate the fact that we are more stressed than those happy-go-lucky people who are still doing well in life.

We don’t want to talk to anyone.

We don’t want to do anything.

We don’t want to exist.

In this single post, can you tell how many times my mood has changed?

Leave your thoughts on mood in the comments below 🙂

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My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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