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Blog Response: People

Please read Bittermarshmellos post titled “People” before reading my post.


A single term used to describe the masses. To describe humans as a whole. Yet just like every generalisation, it fails to bring to light how each and every human is unique.

“People are selfish creatures.”

“People are kind and caring.”

None of the above statements is entirely wrong. Yet at the same time, none are exactly completely accurate either.

People are described in a variety of ways as observed by other people. The way those in our surroundings behave and how we perceive them are how we see people as a whole. We mash together what we see and our very own assumptions of what others are thinking to assume their motives, intents and thus values.

Most people cannot live without having a sense of what others are thinking. As a result, we generalise other humans into one broad term “people”. From there, we work to fit into the guidelines set up by other people, made by people.

We observe other people and try to live like other people. However, we are intrinsically different. Thus, some of us will be less competent in some areas or more competent in others. Some may falter and fail, others may strive and succeed.

In the end, we cannot describe people as a whole.

We can only describe individuals.

Even then, that is difficult to do accurately. Especially when all we witness is what we perceive. Why? It is because what we perceive is inevitably biased. Not only can we not see everything there is to see about a person without becoming a stalker, but we also cannot honestly know what others are thinking without actually talking to them. Even then, people’s core can be hard to find when they are constantly changing, trying to find or create that self of theirs centred around their values and beliefs. Values and beliefs that can change just as quickly depending on the person.

How or what exactly are people in the end?

People are merely what we perceive them to be. A conclusion that has been drawn from the small parts of other humans we see around us.

Original Picture from Pixabay
Edited by me with Picsart & Phonto

Sorry for the short and rushed post. Even though I got back on Wednesday, have been spending time with my dad since he was still on leave on Thursday and Friday. The whole point of me posting less frequently was to increase the quality of my posts… yet I ended up feeling the need to rush a post for today since I haven’t been posting much and felt uneasy.

I’m really sorry and hope to not have another rushed post again anytime soon.


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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