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Song Lyric Sunday: Sea/Ocean

The only thing separating countries and people are international borders made up by governments of countries across the globe and the oceans. It’s such a pity that we are all segregated this way. However, I can understand that to ensure things can proceed orderly, we need various groups of people to control others to a certain extent. To control everyone in the world would be too difficult a task, so naturally, it the workload is split and countries are formed. Although, I’m pretty sure that is not the reason for the existence of so many different countries and thus cultures today.

Anyways, the theme for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is sea/ocean. As we go through life, it’s kind of like sailing across the ocean. The ocean is so wide and vast, sometimes, we do not even know where we are headed. If we are in the middle of the ocean, we would not even know where we are, much less where we are headed.

In life, I’m sure that many of us have felt lost sometime in the past, or perhaps we are feeling lost now. We wish that there was some kind of guide to help us through our journey, we are aimless and have no direction in mind. For whose sake are we living this life we may wonder. I know I’ve asked that question before. Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m simply living for those that would be sad if I died. As long as such people exist, I will continue drifting along the ocean of life.

Hopefully, eventually, I’ll find my destination.

Original Image from Pixabay
Edited by me using Picsart Gold and Phonto

My song choice for this week is “Sailing” by Aimer.

Lyrics from here

Game Soundtracks CDJapan


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