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Song Lyric Sunday: Harmony/Melody/Music

There are many songs with just a single vocalist. However, when many voices come together to form a harmony, there is beauty in that as well. Just as there can be more than one vocalist, it’s only natural that there are so many different voices among the collective “everyone”. We are all just minuscule part of society as a whole. We all have our own different voices. Often times, these can lead to conflict. Despite that, there are times when different voices can come together to bring about something new. Something better.

When people make music together, they can combine their voices and express their feelings together, united.

Original Image from Pixabay
Edited by me using PicsArt and Phonto

Thus, my song choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “Sing” by Goosehouse.

There are multiple versions of this song on their channel, this is Nov 2015 ver.

Song Lyrics can be found here.

Game Soundtracks CDJapan


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