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Song Lyric Sunday: Animal

When people call others “animals”, more often than not, it’s not a compliment. Being called an animal is akin to being an uncontrollable wild beast who merely acts on their desires. A person who cannot show an ounce of self-restraint and does what society deems as immoral without any hesitation. Of course, sometimes people only describe others as animals or beasts under certain conditions. Meaning that they acknowledge the fact that the said person can usually control their desires unless put in specific situations.

Using this perspective of “animal”, I thus decided to choose a song that shows the ugly side of humans that surfaces during war. Not that I myself have lived through a war, but what I can gather from movies and anime that I’ve watched is that war is nothing more than inefficient allocation of resources to be thrown away. Mutual destruction is almost guaranteed. Be it victor or loser, both countries are bound to lose valuable resources that could have otherwise been allocated elsewhere for the better development of all the countries involved in war. In war, it is nothing more than survival of the fittest. Truly a situation, I hope that most of us will never have to experience within our lifetimes.

Original Image from Pixabay
Edited by me using PicsArt and Phonto

My song choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “Jingo Jungle” by Myth and Roid.

Official Release
No English subtitles
Fanmade MV with English subtitles
Includes Scenes from Youjo Senki anime (spoilers)

English Lyrics


Don’t go away, there’s nowhere to run! [AH-RA-OH LA-T-AH-OH LA]*
Oh why? You’re crying… laugh, go mad! [AH-RA-OH LA-T-AH-OH LA]*

Coming up… coming up…
Ahh, eyes full of bloodlust. Faced with fresh prey, getting aroused… aroused…
Not enough… not enough…
We haven’t taken enough lives to attain joy!

We all are the jingoes oh-oh-oh
Indulge in your beastly desire!
We are in the jungle oh-oh-oh
Come, sharpen your fangs… and let’s see who can kill more… ah!

Go on your way, without mercy!
No one is left, time to take it all!

Showing up… Showing up…
A lynching disguised as moral justice brings torment… torment…
You’re the same… You’re the same… Your true nature lies in the ugliness of defending your virtue!

We all are the jingoes oh-oh-oh
Show no mercy for the weak!
We are in the jungle oh-oh-oh
Our urge to devour is more human than animal!

Dance it up U-Ra-Ra
Hurry up I-Ya-Ya

The world will be colorful, painful, beautiful
When your life is lost

We all are the jingoes oh-oh-oh
Indulge in your beastly desire!
We are in the jungle oh-oh-oh
Come, sharpen your fangs… compete for kills!
The jingoes oh-oh-oh
After beating them to a pulp and sampling the taste…
We are in the jungle oh-oh-oh …our tongues will show yet again, my maddened brethren… ah!

We all are the jingoes oh-oh-oh…
We are in the jungle oh-oh-oh…

From Lyrical Nonsense

If you’re interested in getting the CD to support the artist, click below.

“Saga of Tanya the Evil (Yojo Senki) (Anime)” Intro Theme: JINGO JUNGLE

Game Soundtracks CDJapan


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4 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Animal

  1. I appreciate what you say about the destruction of resources that could have been much better used elsewhere. Why are humans so determined to destroy each other and our planet? I “like” the lyrics of the song as they are accurate. The music was a little too strong for me. You chose a perfect song for the prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, the effects of war, in my opinion, is so widely contradictory to the logic whereby humans aim to maximise gains and maximise loses. Glad you think it was a fitting choice despite it not exactly liking the song itself. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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