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Song Lyric Sunday: Boogie/Rock/Rolling Stone

For this week, I honestly had no clue what any of the themes meant because when it comes to music I’m actually a complete amateur. I just like what I like without really knowing what different genres are. After googling the meanings of the 3 themes, boogie, rock and rolling stone, I’m still quite lost as to what they are so I want to apologise in case my song choice for this week is not all that appropriate. ^^”

So “Boogie” is a style of blues played on the piano with a strong, fast beat according to Google and “rolling stone” is not a music genre like rock and boogie but means “a restless, wandering person” according to So, I’m not sure if this song is classified as “Boogie”, but it is a song about someone akin to a wanderer that doesn’t mind moving around continuously as long as they have the one closest to them by their side. Or at least, that’s what I feel it is about.

The song choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “Sayonara Bystander” by YUKI.

English captions available. Remember to turn them on.

Translated English Lyrics can be found here.

Just gonna throw in another song I really like here called “My Soul, Your Beats” by Lia.

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Blaming Others

We all know that whenever something happens, someone or something is responsible. It may not necessarily be only one person or one thing. It could be an undesirable situation that arose due to various people and uncontrollable factors. Yet, there are many times where people want to push the blame to a specific group of people or an individual.

This is such a common act looked down upon by others when viewed objectively in entertainment mediums such as manhwa, manga and anime among many others. In the comments section of websites used to stream episodes or view webtoons, people are always insulting and hating on characters who refuse responsibility and continually blame others. “Only weak people do that”, “They are such cowards”. Reading these comments, I can’t help but wonder whether they themselves are guilty of such acts.

Viewing the lives of other characters in our various entertainment mediums, we grow attached to the main characters who are often kind, caring and friendly. However, as a result, whenever an opposing force arises, we tend to side with the main characters and usually hate on the others who stand in their way. Even if those characters resemble us in ways that we would much rather deny.

Objectively speaking, blaming others for the sake of avoiding responsibility and facing up to one’s mistakes is nothing more than a worthless waste of time and energy. Instead of doing such things, one should always try to look towards finding a solution and helping those who are responsible to grow, change and deal with the situation. Instead of merely saying it is someone else’s fault and standing at the sidelines just because you don’t want to do something about it yourself makes you partially responsible as well. After all, you chose to stand aside and do nothing.

That is the mentality of most teachers which I personally always hated. Why should I do something extra just because those who are supposed to be doing their job are not? If I just continue working hard on my own, doing what I’m supposed to, is that not enough to continue living and avoid getting in trouble? It’s not like everyone likes having a hand being extended to help them when they do not even feel that they need help. After all, they can see it as being looked down upon. Thus, unless they ask me for help, I have no reason to help them.

However, I’m sure you must be thinking of all those times when upper management above you messes up and gets you in trouble. Surely you must be thinking, “It’s all their fault! What in the world are they doing?”

In the end, we have no idea what they are doing. Unless of course, you are really in the know and knowledgable. For me, I’m just a clueless average follower so I have no clue what efforts they may have put in or did not put in. In the end, it’s something that cannot be controlled by my ability, or at least with the amount of effort I’m willing to put in. As a result, the only option I have is to brush it off like the main character of a certain anime, saying “Such misfortune…” and continuing through life.

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By only doing what I need to do to the best of my ability, I can avoid being blamed for anything. If I fail and am blamed, well, I just got to do better and work on improving myself. Either that or if the punishment isn’t too bad, just suck it up and continue doing what I do because it’s not worth the effort to change. I mean, it’s not like I’m actually a super motivated workaholic. I just want to live peacefully without too much conflict.

Is that too much to ask for?

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Song Lyric Sunday: Seasons

Once again, the theme for Song Lyric Sunday is “Seasons”.

For me, all I think of when I hear the word “seasons” is the fact that time moves on without ever stopping. The seasons pass by and come again without ever stopping. Just like the start of each new day, the start of a new season is akin to the beginning of a new chapter. For me well, I don’t experience any season other than summer here in Singapore, but I can tell when a new season is coming when more anime is released. Anyways, again about seasons, it shows the continuous march of time and how we should not keep to ourselves whatever we may want to say to those close to us. Just as seasons come to an end, we never know when we will reach our conclusion. Just as we have etched into our memories the happenings within each season, we should also relieve ourselves of our thoughts and feelings at least to those closest to us. Before it is too late.

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Thus, my song choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu” by sumika.

English Lyrics

Cherry blossom season prediction was in vain
Heavy rain scattered their petals
April breeze
It feels a bit cold and night is still so long

The remaining of dampen firework sticks
are waiting for their turns inside the closet
I’m sensitive to smoke
But your happy face was coming to my mind

I carefully read the book
Trying to imitate your habit
And before I realized,
Autumn was fast asleep
on my lap

I hate being in cold
But we share warmth
Until it’s uncommon for
me to not hate
this freezing season

“Thank you!”
All of them are still here
“I’m sorry.”
“I miss you so much”
Still remain as they were before

I’m so happy
I’m so lonely
But I left them all behind
I’m yearning for you
I’m suffering without you
But I can’t say it anymore

Once the wind blows,
I’ll recall you again
Spring, summer, fall, winter
will turn around

Taste of food
Color of flower
Natural sweet scent
It’s not number
that you’ve etched
into my sense of touch
but the warmth of your body
Even in my eardrums Ah
It’s so special Ah
You’ve changed all my five senses
into another thing

I know, it’s too late
This and that still left unsaid

“Thank you!”
All of them are still here
“I’m sorry.”
“I miss you so much”
are growing in my heart

I’m so happy
I’m so lonely
I’ve put them into words
I’m yearning for you
I’m suffering without you
have become so precious for me

Once the wind blows,
and you’ll make me rush
I shall go
It’s my turn now

Even thousands times
Even ten thousands times
It’s fine to recall it over and over
As a preparation for the next season
that will come thousands times more
Ten thousands times more

Spring comes
Summer comes
Autumn comes
Winter will come

And then, it’s spring again
And the next, it’s spring again

With your new self,
in the spring that finally comes

English Translation from dreamslandlyrics