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Which is worthless – ourselves or the world?

In the opening sequence of Zaregoto, the main character has a conversation with an unidentified female character. The female character says this,

“Essentially, people live in one of two ways. They either live in awareness of their own worthlessness or live in their awareness of the worthlessness of the world.”

It was a bold, interesting statement. In the end, I couldn’t help but find myself agreeing. The world is empty. It all depends on our own biased lenses to give any meaning to the reality we live in.

If we see the world as beautiful, we are bound to despair over the fact that we are so corrupt and undeserving of our lives. In such a big world with people of multiple and varying talents, our lives might seem worthless and insignificant. Just as there are always people worse off than you, there are always people better off than yourself. People who are more talented, skilled and are able to contribute to society in more significant ways than yourself. Despite still being a part of society and enabling it to function in our own small ways, we still feel easily replaceable and thus insignificant. After all, countless people are dying across the globe at any one time, and yet most of us do not even realise it. If we were to die, perhaps a few close friends and family may know and grieve for a bit, however, after that, life will have to go on as per usual. Some things will never be the same, especially for those who are more sentimental, however, for many others, time goes on as per usual. Society continues to function normally, fluctuating the way it always does. Our deaths may affect those directly involved, but human capital is companies and organisations can quickly get their hands on. Unless of course, the person in question is a highly qualified worker and thus cannot be easily replaced. However, it is nothing more than an increase in difficulty, not an impossible task.

On the other hand, if we view ourselves as important and just, we would see the world as wrong. We would feel that the world is worthless and needs to be saved. Or perhaps, we may feel that it cannot be saved, or does not need saving since it is worthless either way. I’m not entirely sure what the “world” encompasses, whether it is everything on it including or excluding oneself. If it includes hating oneself, the first opinion would be nothing more than a subset of this train of thought. Thus, for the sake of this argument, I would adopt what I said in the opening for this paragraph as the stance for the train of thought “the world is worthless”.

The world was created with limited resources to humans and animals that could theoretically, continually breed and exist on this planet. In a way, does that not make it inevitable that we the world would one day run out of resources and die? It’s as though the extinction of all creation was pre-planned from the start and no matter how hard we work towards the evolution of mankind with advancements in technology among other things, everything will eventually be reset to zero. Reset to nothing. The entire world could be seen as an experiment on living beings. An experiment bound to fail eventually and be discarded. Even if we can move to outer space and find other planets to live on, no place will have infinite resources.


Infinity is not a number we can comprehend or even bring to fruition. We cannot even imagine the large impossible sum that is infinity.

In the end, the world is nothing more than a stage for us to live our lives to whatever extent we can. A worthless stage for humans bound by envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. Humans which consist of both peace-lovers who want to enjoy their lives without conflict, in other words, personal interest, as well as those who desire conflict and war to have the thrill of fighting for what is precious to them… or simply want to get even more power, resources or whatever it may be that they are currently lacking and thus want to steal from others for their own personal benefit. Humans are worthless creatures that take in the limited resources of the earth all in the name of the evolution of humanity. We continually progress and “evolve” as humans towards an end goal that doesn’t exist. Humans exist merely because they exist. The meaning in life is nothing more than each individual’s own unique perception or take on what is meaningful to them. Whether or not humans exist, the world would still be the same, perhaps it would degenerate at a slower pace with just animals, but nevertheless, it would still die out eventually.

To hate ourselves or the world around us. It’s either one or the other. Two contradictory subjects cannot be both loved or both hated. You either love one and hate the other or hate one and love the other.

Original Image from Pixabay
Edited by me using PicsArt and Phonto

The only other possibility is to lack an opinion. Or perhaps, find everything worthless including themselves. The world is not worth our time, we are not worthy of the world before us. Between the two possible lines of thought, we can only choose one.


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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