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Song Lyric Sunday: Boogie/Rock/Rolling Stone

For this week, I honestly had no clue what any of the themes meant because when it comes to music I’m actually a complete amateur. I just like what I like without really knowing what different genres are. After googling the meanings of the 3 themes, boogie, rock and rolling stone, I’m still quite lost as to what they are so I want to apologise in case my song choice for this week is not all that appropriate. ^^”

So “Boogie” is a style of blues played on the piano with a strong, fast beat according to Google and “rolling stone” is not a music genre like rock and boogie but means “a restless, wandering person” according to So, I’m not sure if this song is classified as “Boogie”, but it is a song about someone akin to a wanderer that doesn’t mind moving around continuously as long as they have the one closest to them by their side. Or at least, that’s what I feel it is about.

The song choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “Sayonara Bystander” by YUKI.

English captions available. Remember to turn them on.

Translated English Lyrics can be found here.

Just gonna throw in another song I really like here called “My Soul, Your Beats” by Lia.

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