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Song Lyric Sunday: Radical

On thesaurus, a synonym for radical is “profound”.

As I listened to this song titled “おしゃかしゃま(OSHAKASHAMA)” originally by RADWIMPS and read the lyrics, it really struck me as profound. The views were really extreme but to be honest, they are thoughts that have entered my head before. Except it was put nicely into a song.

Despite being so many humans on earth resulting in overpopulation and lack of resources due to inefficient distribution of resources on a global scale, we continue to reproduce. The number of humans continue to increase. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder whether it would actually be better to wipe out half of the human race and start over as Thanos intended to do.

Thus, this is my song choice for this week’s song lyric sunday.

Original: RADWIMPS
This is a COVER by: mafumafu
Remember to turn on English captions
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Song Lyric Sunday: Nocturnal

Whenever the day comes to an end, friends part and leave for their respective households. Within the family, many go to their own rooms to sleep at night. However, how many of us stay awake in bed and start to think and reflect on our lives?

I’m sure that many of us often find it difficult to sleep immediately. Especially on days where various things have happened and although tired, we cannot help but think back on those things and wonder if we did things right. Are there things we could have done better? Are there things we wish would have gone better? Things we failed to do or things we should not have done? For overthinkers, being left alone at night is the same as being left to drown in assumptions born from doubt and pessimism.

No matter how many thoughts flood through our heads through the night, when the light shines through our windows once again, the time comes for us to face a new day. For some, it washes away whatever thoughts we had and allows us to continue as per normal.

Yet how many of us, wake up to a better day than the last?

Original Image from Pixabay
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Today’s song choice for Song Lyric Sunday is “悲しみはオーロラに 歌詞” by Aimer.

If you want Aimer’s album is available at CDJapan. Simply click on the link below 🙂

Sleepless Nights [Regular Edition] / Aimer

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Lacking Something

Honestly, the past few weeks it has been really difficult for me to bring myself to write.

Like I mentioned in my tweet earlier this week, it’s been a struggle to write. Perhaps it is because my mind has become emptier than usual and I’ve become preoccupied in pre-constructed worlds of anime that my thoughts have been unable to progress or even come into existence. Whatever the case is, nowadays, I feel that my thoughts just aren’t really worth sharing. Or rather, I do not see a point in sharing anymore. Just like anime quote edits, writing seems to just have been a temporary means for me to gain self-gratification. For me to feel like I was doing something. However, nowadays I don’t even feel that writing is worth much because I’m not exactly sharing anything new. What I’m writing is simply worded differently something else you can most likely find on the Internet. Or perhaps I’m just tired. Tired of always coming up with new personas for myself to become.

I just want to continue living life without thinking too much, focusing on what’s in front of me and forgetting all the unimportant things…

In so doing, will I be missing out?

Do I feel like doing this because I lack something others have?

I really don’t know, but you know what?

I don’t care anymore.

A blank mind isn’t as bad as I’ve always made it out to seem.