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Song Lyric Sunday: Road

We now live in a world where most places have been urbanised. Building surround us and connecting them are roads, streets. As we leave our homes in the morning to head to work, school or wherever we need to be, we will cross roads, walk alongside roads on pedestrian pathways or travel on them be it by bus, car or taxi.

For those of us who take public transport, it is not uncommon to meet up with friends who live nearby or co-workers residing in the same area. To start the day by meeting your friend or co-worker to head off to school or work is rather refreshing. It makes the simple task of commuting a lot more bearable with some friendly company after all.

Thus, my choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “Nanairoad” sung by Naomi Oozora and Chiaki Omigawa.

Also, here’s a bonus song which I really like. It doesn’t really fit this week’s theme in terms of lyrics but the music video is made in such a way that the viewer seems to be in a car moving along the highway/road.

English Captions Available


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