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Assassin’s Pride – What It Could Have Been

Disclaimer: I’m not going too in-depth about the plot of the anime, however, I still feel that it would be better to watch the anime before reading my post. If you have no intention to watch it, then go ahead and read it. However, I have to tell you that I’m very vague in some of the things I said and thus, they might go over your head if you did not watch the series

Honestly, I had been looking forward to Assassin’s pride cause the art looked nice. However, the animation was a little lacking in my opinion. Or perhaps it could be due to the fact that I was watching No Guns Life produced by MADHOUSE at the same time.

Assassin’s Pride is basically centered around the main heroine who is a disciple or student of an undercover assassin (who doesn’t quite act like one). She is his pride, or so he claims. The show is mainly about how she grows stronger and tries to prove everyone else that she is worthy of being the true daughter of some big name family. Due to my personal preferences (at the time of watching this anime), I honestly have to say that I would have preferred it if they focused more on the “overpowered” assassin.

They could have focused more on his backstory, perhaps showing how he had to learn how to use mana effectively so he could survive. To work on his strengths to cover for weaknesses and so on. Perhaps in the process, they could showcase how he slowly develops his own ego or rather, pride in what he does. Despite being in a forsaken part of society, he fights for whatever he believes is right and shows off his self-polished skills through fights with countless strong enemies blinded by greed… or something along those lines.

Yes, I’m fully aware the plot I suggested sounds super generic. I’m not even going to deny it, because it is true. However, I feel that even if the plot is something that can be commonly found, what really allows different anime to stand on their own is their ability to flesh out the characters. Honestly, I wanted to see more of the past of the two instructors and interactions between the two of them. I personally think that it would have made for a good show. I feel that the presence of the school girls and the focus on them diluted the personalities of the instructors making it seem like they were really just there for when there’s someone who they, as students, definitely cannot handle.

However, if they did take the route I suggested and made it a more serious anime, the art style would probably have to change. Right now, I feel like this art style is due to the abundance of school girls who are training to fight. Of course, at this point I’m just overflowing with personal bias and I’m aware of it. My taste in anime is constantly changing and honestly, it was only recently that I’ve come to like slightly more realistic anime art styles as compared to strictly 2D/fictional type art styles. At least when it comes to anime that are not slice of life or moe anime.

Although I said all that, I kind of got used to the art with the 12 episodes and it feels like it would feel weird to see any of the characters in any other art style. Honestly though, more than the art, the animation was kind of lacking in my opinion. I don’t know much about animation so all I can say that it just didn’t feel smooth… especially the fight scenes.

However, the main problem I had with the show was that I didn’t really feel invested in any of the characters. The main “assassin” was just there to help the girl whenever she was in trouble and guide her. Not much focus was placed on him making him a rather bland character, which honestly makes me sad. The main heroine is also plain despite the amount of focus they put on her, she’s just a child trying her best to prove her worth to her father, instructor and everyone who looks down on her. Maybe it was just my mood when I was watching the show, but it just wasn’t something I could really get behind.

– K.A.L.T

Have you watched Assassin’s Pride? If you have, what did you think of it?


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