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No Gun’s Life – Person or Tool?

No Guns No Life, just kidding, No Gun’s Life, is an anime with a rather serious setting. It’s about a resolver (someone who resolves issues), who has a gun for a head. As he goes about resolving other people’s problems and taking on various client’s requests, he somehow or another, always ends up in trouble.

While the main character having a gun for a head seems pretty cool to some and funny to others, I feel that it is actually meant to blur the lines between a tool and a human. While Juzo Inui is strong as an individual, he has certain capabilities that can only be unlocked when someone “uses” him as a tool.

In this anime, we are constantly shown different individuals with strong beliefs and egos in positions of power. All of whom, end up using others as tools or gears to fit their grand scheme of things. While it definitely sounds despicable, especially when you cannot agree with their way of thinking, it really makes you wonder where our value lies.

For some of us, we may have certain skills, but left alone, we would do nothing and just rot away. Perhaps it would be better let someone we trust “use” us as a tool to achieve something greater. Not all of us have great ambitions and might even see not much point in “free will” when it comes down to what work we want to pursue. As long as we can live our life without worrying about anything too much, we would be willing to do any job that puts food on the table.

Many anime glorify individualistic characters with great ambitions, however, this anime is about a single “tool” who goes about helping others trying to prove the worth of his existence. When you think about it, aren’t a lot of us like that? We go about our daily lives trying to meet the expectations of others, help others and do something that makes us feel like society would accept our existence as something meaningful. We end up trying so hard to be nothing but a gear in a pre-existing system.

Compared to all the grand shounen anime we watch and manga we read, we really are pathetic aren’t we? But what can we do? There are already people in power with far more authority than we could imagine.

In the end, we are nothing but tools to be used aren’t we? If so, wouldn’t it be great, if we could have people we trust to use us in ways we know we would not regret?

– K.A.L.T

Setting aside all the talk about whether we are more similar to a tool or an actual person, I have to say I enjoyed the fight scenes in this anime and also how they gave information about the world as and when necessary instead of dumping it all at once. If something happened that requires knowledge about certain aspects of their world, only then would they bother expanding on the world. The anime had a really cool feel to it and was rather enjoyable. However, as expected, the anime did not really conclude anything in the episode finale. I’m glad it wasn’t rushed and that there was no cliffhanger ending but I really hope there will be another season. There are just too many things left unresolved and I want to see more of Juzo Inui, the man with a gun for a head.

What were your thoughts on No Guns Life?


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