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Fairy Gone – Fairly Disappointing

Disclaimer: Contains major spoilers from both season 1 and season 2 of Fairy Gone

I just finished both seasons of Fairy Gone (24 episodes in total) on Netflix. Honestly, I feel like the show had a little promise. What made it difficult to watch was how they tried to make everything sound more complicated than it actually was as well as involving way too many different factions right from the start. It felt like “A Certain Magical Index Season 3” all over again.

The black fairy tome that everyone wants seems to be a real thick book with lots of parts but when they really come down to explain the contents of the book… it seems like something that could be covered in a single page. When supposed fairy “scholars” are asked a simple question they just end up looking deep in thought and responding “it is far too complicated to explain”. Honestly, it just looked stupid every time.

The dialogue between characters also had a bad tendency of trying to sound profound all the time which made every conversation sound like a compilation of “top inspirational quotes from anime” rather than an actual conversation. While the music was not bad, it didn’t exactly fit well together with the animation and always lacked the ability to immerse us in the world. It just felt like “oh some cool background music is playing while they are fighting”.

Another problem I had was with the way the fights were set up. I feel like whenever two individuals who could use fairies fought against each other, it was usually really dull. They’d bring out their fairies and let the fairies fight each other until their fairies got hurt, causing them to flinch and retract their fairies to continue the fight with just weapons instead. The fairies should have been used in a manner to supplement their fight with the other rather than just fighting each other to see which fairy is stronger. This is just my personal opinion though. Not sure if many others think the same as me with regards to the fights. I personally preferred those fights in the series that were between two individuals without the use of fairies.

Finally, the enemies were just not fleshed out at all. Their only aim seemed to be annihilation of humans because as long as humans exist, they are bound to make mistakes. I mean, if the enemies actually held true to that belief and tried to destroy the world and finally themselves, I’d still kind of be able to get behind that. However, the enemy thinks that as long as the mankind of today gets wiped out and he survives, he can create a better world with new humans. Such bullshit.

Well, I’m a massive consumer of anime so even if it’s not great I’ll still finish it but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with this one. It was an okay watch as long as I don’t think too much into it and just enjoy it for what it is.

– K.A.L.T

How did you feel about Fairy Gone? Have you watched it? I will probably be making another post about how I felt about the good vs bad in this show.


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2 thoughts on “Fairy Gone – Fairly Disappointing

  1. I still haven’t watched the second season of Fairy Gone. Season one had promise but finished without really doing anything and I just didn’t feel compelled to watch season two when it aired. I might eventually finish it but I’m not really feeling like I’m in any rush to do so.


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