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Song Lyric Sunday – I/Me/Them/Us/You/We

It’s been ages since I last participated in Song Lyric Sunday but I figured it was worth starting again. Or rather, it was a rather fun and easy post to get ready for the weekend which I usually spend binge watching anime and have little time to actually write anything.

Anyways, this week’s theme is basically about myself as well as those around us. At least that’s what I deduced from the multiple choices that is I/Me/Them/Us/You/We.

As such, my choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “As you like it” by Eve.

English captions are available

When I think of people in general, I think of how difficult they are to understand and get along with. I feel that many of us aren’t all that great at getting along with others and even ourselves. As humans, we are just too full of flaws that are jarring to look at. We are constantly trying to act in a manner that others as well as ourselves would be able to accept. As a result, we are constantly faced with an internal struggle to determine what kind of person we should be. Desires, morals and ambitions all mesh together to form this clay model of our “self” that easily morphs into something else when pressured.

Do we hate ourselves or love ourselves? We swing between the two extremes and are unable to agree on who exactly we are or who exactly we should be.

Source: Pixabay

At the same time, those who are more judgmental, are constantly thinking of ways to grade other people based on their actions. Depending on their judgement, they either reject or accept the person as an individual.

– K.A.L.T

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10 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday – I/Me/Them/Us/You/We

  1. Good to see you back, K.A.L.T. Your thoughts on humans and our social selves vs. our inner selves asks the right questions. With multi-media attempting to program us with acceptable responses it gets even more confusing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, it’s good to be back haha XD
      Honestly, not just multi-media, I’m not sure if it’s just me but whenever I interact with anyone, even my family, I always feel that they are continually prompting me to behave or respond in a certain manner. With the exception of those friends I made in the past 2 years, I feel like every conversation is like a visual novel where I need to choose the right conversation choice to avoid going down a bad route.

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      1. Humans are under a lot of pressure these days. Everybody chooses their own refuge to cope with it. I see a lot of people turning to “the dream” of its culture so the stress of independent thought doesn’t drain them. What they don’t understand is that they are being drained by the dream. It takes courage to be who you are, without apology. It’s unfortunate if you feel that need to “choose right” with your family. It is good that you have friends where that isn’t an issue.

        Liked by 1 person

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