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High Score Girl II – The Art of Never Giving Up

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead for season 2 of High Score Girl. Honestly most of my anime posts are gonna include spoilers because I’m incapable of writing anything without them…

I’ll be honest, I watched season 1 quite some time ago and considering my short term memory, I kind of needed all the flashbacks they gave in season 2. Anyhow, I feel that the second season really gave me a sense of how we should never give up. Once we have decided on something, we should make sure to follow through till the end.

To be honest, this was a little something they touched on in “Kono Oto Tomare” very briefly as well. However, this anime was all about never giving up on who you are as well as never giving up on trying to understand those who you cherish.

Throughout the series, the main character, Haruo, is trying to come to understand Ohno – what she’s thinking and feeling. Those of you who have watched the second season or even the first would probably know that it isn’t an easy task. Especially since she doesn’t talk throughout the entire series (or at least not that I remember).

Of course, Haruo, being obsessed over games as well as his rivalry with Ohno who is built up to be practically unbeatable at games, gives his all to be with Ohno. To understand her better and hopes to beat her eventually. As the series progresses, he comes to realise that he loves playing his games even more than before when he was alone. Of course, that makes him want to ensure he can be with her for as long as possible, both to cherish her as well as to have as many chances as possible to challenge her to new games.

Honestly, the ending was rather bittersweet and I can’t say I was the most satisfied with it… but it was a fun watch. They were trudging through their feelings and trying to figure things out. Haruo as he had to, having only really loved his video games in the past, come to terms that he has fallen in love with Ohno. Once he finally figured out his own feelings, he had to part ways with Ohno once again. It was honestly saddening and not the happy ending I was looked for after watching the tragedy that was Babylon. I started watching this season as a recovery for Babylon after all…

Anyways, the main point of this post was to share the importance of never giving up. I know, that’s basically like, every shounen anime ever. This just so happened to be a slice of life version with an added supernatural element both for comedic and convenience sake.

However, it wasn’t about never giving up in a fight to protect your friends or family. It was about never giving up on yourself or those you cherish. To never choose to distance yourself from others or even yourself. The moment you deny yourself of what you love, it is the moment you cease to be yourself. The moment you cease to exist as who you are.

All that would be left, is an empty shell.

– K.A.L.T

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