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Why Would Anyone Support Me?

Now you must be wondering, why the sudden negativity?

Or perhaps not so sudden considering my recent posts…

Anyways, that aside, I (not so) recently stumbled upon an article on how to increase the number of people who read my blog. It mentioned something about writing for your readers instead of for yourself.

It got me thinking, is me writing my random thoughts and clumsily putting together my thoughts on anime and occasionally Japanese music really something people would pay me for?

I didn’t even need to think twice or try to get a second opinion to come to the conclusion that the answer is a definitive no.

Unlike major anime bloggers and YouTubers, I lack the flair to coherently piece together an article about what I enjoy or edit a stunning video with a good mix of humour and actual content. Aside from simply lacking the skill, I also don’t have a specific nor large “reader base”. (recently talk about copyright and stuff is slightly worrying since I started using anime screenshots)

As someone who simply started off his blog with the intention of simply sharing my relatively deep or perhaps not so deep thoughts, I gained a small but relatively dedicated following. However, I threw that all away when I went and disappeared for a whole 6 months before coming back as an anime blog. Those that followed me from before must be pretty disappointed…

Honestly, my blog is a real mess if I’ve ever seen one. Undecided as to who I want to write for, I end up selfishly deciding to just write about what I want to write.

Now, I phrased it rather harshly but is just writing about what you want to write about really so wrong?

Frankly speaking, no.

However, while I’m writing entirely with only what I want in mind, I shouldn’t really be expecting any monetary support from you guys, my readers. When it comes down to it, you all, my readers, are simply here to listen to the ramblings and objectively insignificant thoughts of just another person hiding behind his own anonymity online. I should be grateful enough that you all have come here to read about my trivial thoughts.

With regards to the ko-fi link I’ve put to my previous posts together with the paypal button in hopes that people would support an unemployed person like me, don’t you think that’s pretty dodgy?

Who knows where the money you throw to support me will go? Will it go to something stupid like a Honkai Impact 3 in-game purchase or perhaps some milk tea? Or will it actually go to maintaining my website or paying for ProWriting Aid because my English just really sucks?

Whatever the case is, I can’t expect to get any financial support for doing something that doesn’t provide my readers with valuable content or opinions of value. In other words, it can’t just be whatever I think of, it has to be both something that I want write about as well as something that you guys want to read. Thus, I’m going to ask you guys to share in the comments below what type of content you guys want!

Of course, being someone who can’t bring himself to do anything he doesn’t want to do, I will only write about things you’ve commented that I, myself find interesting. Considering those people who follow me, I doubt that there will be much that I’m not interested in though.

Just to be clear, I will continue pumping out my own content but I just felt that getting some opinions from my readers on what sort of content they want would be refreshing and perhaps spark something in me.

After all, ever since I came back, comments have been at an all time low… Most likely because I just up and switched to primarily anime related posts.

And so! I think it would be great if there was some things you guys want me to write about and we can talk about it in the comments when I write about it!

Am I being too selfish? Tell me in the comments below if I’m just being a too materialistic or unrealistic by trying to get money from a pass-time like writing just because I don’t want to work.

– K.A.L.T

I feel like recently with practically zero comments on most posts I end up feeling like I’m just talking to myself so I end up doing what I always do when I’m alone… trash talk about myself while doing absolutely nothing about it… I should probably change that since there are actually people reading my posts even if they don’t say anythingAt this rate people are just gonna get put off by my attitude and thought processes Especially since my latest post before this was kind… err… heh


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

4 thoughts on “Why Would Anyone Support Me?

  1. I’ve read that same advice (write for the readership you want) countless times but my readers have told me I should write for myself first. Poor kids don’t know what they’re in for… Personally, I don’t even know what my readers want to read about so that solves that issue. However I can see the sense in it when you’re monetizing. I’ve never even tried to make money off my blog so I’m afraid I have no insight there at all. I’m sorry, this was not a useful comment.

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    1. No worries at all! Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. 🙂
      I guess the fact that I’m trying to monetise my blog changes a whole lot of things cause not many people can earn money just by writing what they want to write. What they want to write needs to coincide with what the readers want to read as well. Even though you don’t monetise your site, I do feel that what you write is what your readers follow you for though. That’s just the feeling I get anyways.


      1. Haha thank you 🙂
        Honestly though, it will be a challenge for me since I have two major issues. One is that I rarely receive any comments from readers so I can never tell whether what I’m writing is of any interest to them or not. The second, is that I don’t have all that many readers. While it does make it easier for me to write about whatever I want to write about, it also means I’m not getting as many views and varied opinions which are essential. The second one is the problem I should focus on first though… but I’m not the type to follow a bunch of people doing the same stuff as me in hopes of getting more follow backs since I only follow those I feel I’d take the time to read. Well, sorry for suddenly sharing a bunch of my thought processes but I’m just glad to have comments on posts other than my song lyric sunday posts every once in a while haha XD
        (Not sure how your comment ended up in my spam. Just found it since I check my spam every once in awhile.)

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