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Song Lyric Sunday – Hands/Feet

As humans, we are born with hands and feet. Our limbs are what enables us to move forward day by day and reach out for whatever we desire. While there are certainly limitations, as humans, we can only rely on our limbs to move towards whatever we seek.

Our legs bring us as close to what we seek as possible while our hands reach out to claim that which we desire. Even if it means that we must first let go of the things we currently hold close at hand.

Unlike birds, we lack wings to fly. However, with our legs, we continuously walk forward in search of other means to attain what we want.

No matter how out of reach it may seem.

No matter how far away it seems to be.

My choice for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is “veil” by Suda Keina.

English captions are available

Fun fact: This was the ending song for the anime Fire Force

– K.A.L.T

If you want to support the artist you can buy their CD from CDJapan.

porte / Keina Suda

porte [Regular Edition] Keina Suda


porte / Keina Suda

porte [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] Keina Suda

Game Soundtracks CDJapan


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