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Relationships – Anime vs Reality

Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard or seen many people jokingly talk about how having waifus or husbandos are better than actually getting a wife or a husband. Honestly, while this personal individual writing this post seems to agree, I’m not talking about those things.

In anime, it’s not uncommon to find strong bonds of friendships in shounen anime. The type where the friends would literally die for each other. In our relatively peaceful reality, dying for someone else’s sake isn’t really something we’d think about. Or rather, we probably wouldn’t be put in a situation to think about on a regular basis.

Putting aside the supernatural that is pretty out there, let’s look at friendships and relationships in slice of life anime. Honestly, there are so many slice of life anime out there that some of them just might be realistic. I don’t know about high school girls but if they really behave like those in “Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls”, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

I mean, surely some friends ignore the other when they are spam messaging useless things like selfies or something. After all, even if one isn’t busy, they can be too busy when it comes to things they don’t care about.

Putting aside the crazy aspects of the show, which is kind of toned down when compared to Asobi Asobase in my opinion, I think that friendships between the girls is something I could see in real life. Heck, it could be like that between any friends.

You wonder why you’re friends with them but end up sticking around because they are fun to be with. That’s kind of how some friendships go isn’t it?

Now let’s take a look at “Daily Lives of Highschool Boys”.

Well, the friendships in that anime seem pretty realistic too. Again, being a slice of life comedy anime as well, there are many parts that are pretty unrealistic. However, they are there cause it’s funny as hell.

Anyways, that aside, the friends meet up every now and then and talk about random stuff or act out certain things just to kill time. They don’t go out of the way to help each other but just enjoy each others company. Even if they get annoyed at certain aspects of their friends, they still get along fine and sometimes just burn each other and get into some fights every now and then.

Well, personally I’ve never gotten into a major fight with my friends before but I think it’s probably pretty common?

Maybe? I’m not sure.

Anyways, while the relationships themselves seem pretty realistic and believable. Anime usually focuses on friendships that last. Even if they have a fight, later they will make up and their bonds will be stronger. It’s like that in most anime I’ve watched. The most recent one that comes to mind is “Kono Oto Tomore!”. There are probably many more examples but none really come to mind as I’m writing this.

However, in reality, are relationships with friends really that strong and seemingly unbreakable? In anime, it’s fine because they are all scripted to get along in the end. But in real life, we don’t always come to understand where the other is coming from. Fights happen and not all can be resolved easily.

In anime, we often know both sides and we feel happy when they get back together because you know they felt bad about whatever has happened between them. Contrary to this, in reality, we really cannot tell what the other person is thinking. We can try to deduce based on body language and attitude but in the end, they are simply guesses.

Our thoughts and feelings aren’t always expressed so simply because many of us are having trouble coming to understand our own thoughts and feelings. As we struggle with others, we are often troubled with inner conflict as well. Am I wrong? Or was my friend wrong? Or are we both wrong? We start to question ourselves and our beliefs when we encounter conflicts with those close to us.

If we end up determining that we cannot come to understand the other or live with a particular disagreement, chances are, the relationship is over.

Honestly, the strong bonds of friendship in anime are really something that anyone would desire. A seemingly unbreakable bond no matter the hardships… but in reality, relationships with others can be so fragile.

And we have only been talking about friendships till now. How about romantic relationships? I’m sure it goes without saying that like any other medium, romance in anime are largely dramatised and made for viewers entertainment. There will be moments to get your heart racing and moments for the characters to bond. To find out why they love each other more than any other character in the series.

The love in anime always seems to be undying and unfaltering. It’s as though there’s no end to the love the two lead characters have for each other. They would literally do anything for each other. (scarily so, thinking about “Happy Sugar Life”)

Honestly, in anime and manga, once they become girlfriend and boyfriend of husband and wife, it ends. That is the happy ending. However, in reality, there is so much more after and that is where true love is tested as time passes. Although, “Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san” makes it seem easy because they really love each other so much and it’s so cute seeing their interactions with the addition of little Chi.

Relationships are fragile and very easily broken. Trust is difficult to get and even more difficult to get back. People want to confide in others but are afraid of hurting others and afraid of getting hurt. As it was said in Neon Genesis Evangelion, “Growing up means finding a way to interact with others while distancing the pain.”

In the end, humans interact with others because they feel lonely when they feel isolated. That is why, whenever friends meet up and hang out, they rarely go into depressing sad topics and instead, simply fool around and have fun. They want to distance themselves from any possible pain and backlash while enjoying each others company.

Thus, they only do so when they are sure they won’t be hurt or that it is worth the risk. Any other relationship that they don’t feel is worth the risk usually gets cut off.

I wonder… how many of us make friends and hang out with others just to fill the emptiness inside of us and rid us of the feeling of loneliness?

– K.A.L.T

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