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Song Lyric Sunday – Hands/Feet

As humans, we are born with hands and feet. Our limbs are what enables us to move forward day by day and reach out for whatever we desire. While there are certainly limitations, as humans, we can only rely on our limbs to move towards whatever we seek.

Our legs bring us as close to what we seek as possible while our hands reach out to claim that which we desire. Even if it means that we must first let go of the things we currently hold close at hand.

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One Outs – Learning From Tokuchi

Disclaimer: Many spoilers in this post, however, I will indicate the episode number for each point. Not sure if it will help at all but perhaps if you’re halfway through the anime you can read the points that are from the episodes you have watched. Of course, my points are made in order of when they are brought up in the anime. I recommend you just finish the whole anime before reading this though.

One Outs is a pretty old anime which I’d heard a lot of good things about so I decided to watch it. It was a pretty good anime where the main character was constantly exploited his opponents psych to mess with them and take them down. However, I honestly feel that there’s a lot to take away from this anime.

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Houseki no Kuni – Growing Up

Disclaimer: Includes spoilers for Houseki no Kuni, I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t already. Even if not for the sake of not getting spoiled, I think it is quite worth a watch.

In this anime titled “Houseki no Kuni” or in English, “Land of the Lustrous”, the story focuses on a main character that is far weaker and spoiled compared to those around her. Her name is, Pho, short for Phosphophyllite. She always speaks her mind to those around her while escaping from whatever tasks she is told to do by others.

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