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Song Lyric Sunday – Listen/Hear/Talk/Speak

As we go about our daily lives, unless we live in complete isolation, we are bound to end up conversing with those around us. We say what we want to say and listen to what others have to say. Days go by and we end up thinking of it as brainless exchanges.

However, what if there are hints of something more within a person’s words yet all we do is hear them out? What if what we really need to do is listen carefully and read between the lines?

Not everyone will be clear about some of their thoughts and feelings. I mean, it’s only natural to be hesitant to share one’s deeper thoughts and emotions. We could choose to respect their privacy, but that cannot be an excuse to not recognising the other person’s troubles.

Sure, it may be the person who is speaking in riddles that is at fault, but if you really care, you should take the time to listen carefully to what those you cherish have to say.

Thus, this week’s choice for Song Lyric Sunday which heavily influenced my lead-in paragraphs is “Say it” by Yorushika.

Please turn on the English Captions

Also, I think you might want to take a look at the comments section if you didn’t quite get what was going on in the music video.

Here’s a screenshot of the comments that caught my attention

Anyway, that’s it for this week.

– K.A.L.T

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3 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday – Listen/Hear/Talk/Speak

  1. Aha! The CC makes a huge difference. And thank you for including the interpretive comments as I still wouldn’t have got the gist without them. What an excellent perspective from which they chose to write this song. I may try it with a story…

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  2. I like the minimalist lyrics as they really stand out. To me, it seems like a song that could apply to anyone one cares about or who you want to get to know better. The worst would be to reach the end and realize you never knew anyone and nobody knew you. I can also see where this might be a song to a person who suicided. I like the way they put the animation together also.

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