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My List Of Comedy Anime

After reading Irina’s post “When Comedy Anime isn’t Quite Comedy”, I just had the urge to go through my entire list of completed anime to sift out those that I remember to be true comedies and those that aren’t. My memory isn’t the greatest so if you feel I didn’t categorise any of them correctly, please feel free to correct me in the comments section below!

For this, I’ll be using Anilist since it allows me to put a filter for comedy anime.

There will be six categories
1. “Definitely Comedy”, which means the main genre is comedy
2. “Comedy”, goes hand in hand with the main genre
3. “Definitely Not Comedy”, not one of the main points at all
4. “It’s Just Shounen Anime Being Shounen Anime”
5. “Isekai Being Isekai”
6. “Fluff”

Definitely Comedy
– Aho-Girl: Stupid Girl
– Asobi Asobase: What the fuck is wrong with these girls… it’s great
– Aiura: The synopsis is literally, “The story centers around Amaya, Iwasawa, and Uehara—three ‘annoying, spirited high school girls with zero motivation’—and their classmates. Their daily life is “what happens when there is nothing happening.”
– Chio’s School Road: I’m pretty sure going to school shouldn’t be so difficult…
– Ao-chan Can’t Study!: Probably one of the one’s I’m least sure to put here but quite confident this is just plain comedy and nothing else
– Carnival Phantasm: Pretty sure this is a comedy
– Cuticle Detective Inaba: Pretty sure the entire premise is a joke from what I remember
– Daily Lives of High School Boys: Boys will be bo- WHAT THE HECK R U DOIN… Girls are scary…
– Gabriel DropOut: Angels acting like demons and demons acting like angels? I’m in.
– Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto: How to FLEX on everyone – The Anime
– Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?
– Himouto! Umaru-chan: Model student or hopeless otaku? Why not both?
– Hinamatsuri: Okay, I know this doesn’t deserve to be here cause there are sad moments in this anime too but it was just too funny to not put up here I’m sorry…
– Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu: LET’S BE FRIENDS PLEASEEEEEEE
– How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno: Deadpan male vs Tsundere girl = comedy
– Invaders of the Rokujoma!?: I don’t think there was any plot to this and I think it was meant to just be a big joke but watched this ages ago so not sure. Leavin it here anyways.
– Is this a Zombie?: It’s an action, supernatural but pretty sure it’s just meant to be a joke… i mean… magical girl guy… yea
– Isekai Quartet: Should probably put this under isekai being isekai but I laughed too much to put it there
– Kaguya-sama: Love is War: As an anime only watcher, I can’t see this as anything other than a comedy. I see it more of a comedy than a romance anime.
– Konosuba: If I put this under isekai being isekai I’d probably get killed. Cuz konosuba is the joke of isekai.
– Last Period: You know gacha games? HAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA
– Magical Sempai: Failure of a magician who gives free fan-service every episode
– Mitsuboshi Colors: “Our final destination… is nothing but poop”
– My Girlfriend is Shobitch: The synopsis seems to imply it’s nothing but comedy but honestly I have no clue what this is doing on my list cause I have no recollection of ever watching this
– My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy: The title should tell you why this is here.
– Nichijou: Anime IRL but Anime-fied for COMEDY – THE ANIME
– Outburst Dreamer Boys: 1 chuunibyou? 2 chuunibyou? NO, WE NEED MOAR
– Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san: I think I can put this here, probably, I feel like this was definitely a comedy anime even if I don’t remember much
– Teasing Master Takagi-san: Romance is definitely the main point so it might mean to go to comedy section but I say definitely comedy cause their romance is basically built on her making fun of him so… it’s kinda romance = comedy kinda thing
– The Demon Girl Next Door: Useless demon girl gets along with magical girl = one big joke
– The Devil is a Part-Timer!: If the entire purpose of making the demon lord work at mcdonalds isn’t for comedy idk what is
– The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Hi, I’m overpowered but want a normal li- WHO ARE ALL THESE WEIRD PEOPLE
– Wasteful Days of High School Girls: The main character is literally called baka throughout the series, need I explain more?

– Eromanga Sensei & Oreimo & A Sister’s All You Need: Obviously made for the memes, perhaps that should put these in “Definitely Comedy”? Idk.
– Food Wars!: Main focus is cooking but foodgasms and massive stripping being addressed as a superpower is just asking to get joked about everywhere
– GAMERS!: Misunderstandings… the anime.
– Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions: Honestly this is a drama, romance anime but I remember laughing a lot. This is one of my favourite anime after all.
– My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: Only season 1 though.
– New Game!: Honestly not too sure about this one… I remember smiling a lot but might just be cause it had major cute girls doing cute things vibes even though they were all working. Don’t think it really belongs here but I’m gonna put it here anyways.
– Saekano: Literally here to make a joke out of anime tropes (unrelated but Megumi Kato best girl forever)
– Servant x Service: Honestly can’t decide whether to put this in definitely comedy or comedy, just put it here because I don’t want to place it too high in case I’m wrong
– The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior: Honestly don’t remember much but I think it was mainly comedy? Same as Servant x Service… not sure where to put this.
– Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor: The MC is a joke even though he’s overpowered… from what I remember at least
– Amagi Brilliant Park: Comedy born from narcissism. I think there were sad parts though.. probably?
– Barakamon: Definitely a comedy anime but putting it one level lower because well… you’ll understand when you watch it
– Blend S: About getting used to working despite having a sadistic face but couldn’t survive without the comedy
– Campione!: Don’t remember anything about this but the synopsis sounds like a joke so I’m just gonna leave this here.
– The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious: As the title suggests, the main character is meant to be a joke, however, it’s still a fantasy action anime so it only gets to this category.
– Chidori RSC: Strong cute girls doing cute things vibes and made me laugh quite a bit
– Comic Girls: Think I laughed quite a bit (even tho it may have been at self-deprecating parts that I could relate to… CGDCT just makes things seem all fine and cute ya know? Idk man…)
– Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Despair and comedy go hand in hand don’t they? No? Just me?
– Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl: Don’t remember much but I remember blue hair girl wrapped in futon so it gets to be in the comedy section
– How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?: Definitely a work-out anime but it’s constantly joking about giving fan-service so let’s just leave this here.
– Jojo’s: I only put it here because it exists for the memes
– Kiss Him, Not Me: Yet another romance kinda but honestly this could possibly reach definitely comedy but… hmmm… I think it belongs here.
– Masamune-kun’s Revenge: Another rom-com, doesn’t strike me as very funny from what I remember. Except his mom sister and aunt.
– Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun: Dumping this here cuz I’m sure there was quite a bit of comedy but don’t think it was enough to be under definite comedy
– My Roommate is a Cat: Definitely had funny moments but not gonna put it any higher cause I don’t remember it that well
– One-Punch Man: Comedy is definitely a big aspect but not enough to make me put it higher
– Oresuki: Lots of comedy but how can I laugh at the expense of others? Sorry bench-kun and singularity baseball game
– Senryu Girl: I think there was a lot of comedy? Probably? Urggg not sure
– Soul Eater Not!: My image of this anime is a fun show so I’m just gonna leave this here
– The Royal Tutor: I remember this to be pretty funny but pretty sure the main point was elsewhere
– The Tatami Galaxy: I’m sorry for putting this here, idk where to put it tbh
– Wagnaria!!: The working environment is a joke… idk how their family cafe survives tbh
– Wotakoi: The love is the joke

Definitely Not Comedy
– Mob Psycho 100: Idk about you guys but I found this all about the feels and the fighting, comedy… is there but no quite the main point
– Bungo Stray Dogs: Ofc there’s lots of comedy in this show but come on… it can get plenty dark. The main point definitely ain’t comedy.
– Girlish Number: This one is just here cause I found the main heroine real annoying
– Haganai: Pretty sure this is a drama from what I remember
– Little Witch Academia: Was fun but meant more as an inspirational anime I think?
– Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl: Their interactions were funny but the whole show was pretty much about sad things
– Restaurant to Another World: Just a chill food anime guys
– Shirobako: This is to learn about making anime guys, it’s a tough world out there
– The Pet Girl of Sakurasou: BIG FAT NO CAUSE I CRIED
– The World God Only Knows: ALSO NO BECAUSE I CRIED
– Toradora!: Unless the presence of a tsundere is enough to make you call it a comedy anime…
– Yona of the Dawn: I remember it to have funny moments but I think I vaguely remember feeling sad at some points. Although it’s all about a girl finding courage to stand on her own… I think… Can’t quite remember
– Cowboy Bebop: Unpopular opinion here but… I just couldn’t really enjoy the show at all so here it is
– A Centaur’s Life: Can’t really remember anything about this… they talk about discrimination and stuff so I guess it’s not a comedy? Pretty sure I did get a few laughs out of this one… probably…
– A Place Further Than the Universe: A feel good show definitely, but I don’t think I really laughed all that much? Just smiling I think… (I’m sorry if you’re offended I put this here and New Game in comedy)
– Action Heroine Cheer Fruits: Don’t think I laughed much… I think
– Air in Summer: I don’t remember much but I just feel that this was probably one of those sad, depressing anime… why is it tagged with comedy??
– Angel Beats!: This is the first anime to make me cry so obviously it doesn’t deserve to be called a comedy
– Are You Lost?: This anime is obviously about survival skills… (tho I did pick it up cause Gigguk’s video made it seem like a fun show… which it definitely was)
– Baccano!: Definitely had funny moments but also definitely not what I think of when I think of comedy anime
– Beck: Sorry but I only remember feeling sad watching this for some reason
– Blue Spring Ride: Obvious choice if you’re going for full on romance yea, comedy no.
– Cells at Work!: Educational show guys… (platelets though)
– Charlotte: Action anime that had a sad moments that almost made me cry
– City Hunter: Pretty sure this was just an action film with a perverted main character
– Clannad: Sure there’s comedic relief yellow hair dude but who are you fooling putting comedy on clannad?
– Classroom☆Crisis: Just putting this here cause I honestly can’t remember much about this show at all… Think it’s just a bunch of talented people learning to rely more on their skill rather than money?
– Date A Live: Don’t remember laughing
– Dragon Pilot: Had a few funny moments I guess… Unpopular opinion but I didn’t particular enjoy the show so I can’t rank it properly…
– Drifters: Sure there are funny moments but it’s literally about fighting, rebellion, taking over countries etc.
– Fruits Basket (2019): DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD THIS SERIES IS?!?!!?!?!?
– Golden Kamuy: Just no. What are you thinking.
– Golden Time: Just some romance anime I didn’t particularly enjoy, had lots of sad too I think
– Hamatora: It was fun but I think I stayed for the action and stuff? Don’t quite remember much about this show though I do remember enjoying it quite a bit.
– Hi Score Girl: Certainly had quite a lot of funny moments but the mood felt real heavy plenty of times… especially with season 2 fresh in my mind
– His and Her Circumstances: Her family is real funny I think errr don’t remember much else. Probs more of a romance anime?
– Inu X Boku Secret Service: I think it’s fine to put this here? I remember it having quite a bit of comedy… I think… urgggg this was sooo longggg agooooooo
– K Project: Don’t remember laughing at all… I think it was pretty serious and I just watched it for the fighting
– Kimi ni Todoke: Just another romance anime… also I got real frustrated watching the two main characters like goshhhh justtttt urgggggggg
– Kurenai: Don’t remember much about this but don’t remember it to be comedy-centric?
– Little Busters!: Definitely had comedy but it was just there so you don’t die from sadness
– Mekakucity Actors: Somehow I remember this show to be depressing
– Mirai: It was supposed to be a heart-warming film I think… don’t think comedy was the point.
– Nisekoi: This is just a harem romance my lads
– No Guns Life: Too hard-boiled
– O Maidens in Your Savage Season: Hahaha, no
– One Week Friends: Why are so many sad anime categorised as comedy?!
– Plastic Memories: Seriously… people are gonna get depression watching these “comedy” anime…
– Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Literally the title, there are funny moments but it’s about recovery for the most part…
– ReLIFE: I remember enjoying this anime a lot but I don’t think it gets to even go to comedy… I think, can’t quite remember much
– Run with the Wind: Look, I’m here for comedy… not the motivation to start running
– Shakugan no Shana: Would put this under shounen being shounen but this isn’t tagged as shounen it seems…
– Summer Wars: From my vague memory it was most certainly not meant to be a comedy anime
– Tada Never Falls In Love: Just romance I think but can’t remember… perhaps should have been in comedy?
– Tamako -love story-/Tamako Market: More of cute and romance rather than comedy
– The Boy and The Beast: Pretty sure this movie ain’t a comedy
– The King’s Avatar: Seriously? No.
– The Ones Within: There were funny parts but the premise of the whole thing is just… not for comedy
– The Quintessential Quintuplets & We Never Learn: There’s definitely comedy, I mean it’s a romcom but way too many serious moments and stuff to even put it in comedy sorry
– The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura: The comedy is to distract you from the depression
– Tokyo Godfathers: No.
– Tokyo Ravens: Pretty sure this anime was kinda feelsy and full of action
– TRINITY SEVEN: Putting this here cuz I don’t remember anything
– Welcome to the N.H.K.: erm.. depends on ur taste I guess
– When They Cry Rei: Are you fucking kidding me? YOU MAD LAD
– Zombieland Saga: It’s an idol anime. It’s a joke.

It’s Just Shounen Anime Being Shounen Anime
– One Piece
– Assassination Classroom
– Fullmetal Alchemist
– Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
– Katekyo Hitman Reborn
– Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
– Ushio and Tora
– Aoharu x Machinegun
– After School Dice Club (quite different from the rest on this list but eh…)
– Armed Girl’s Machiavellism
– Arms Alchemy
– Bakuman
– Blood Blockade Battlefront (don’t even remember much about this anime at all)
– Boarding School Juliet
– Beelzebub
– Code:Breaker
– Fairy Tail
– Hajime No Ippo
– Fire Force
– Haikyu!!
– KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple
– Kuroko’s Basketball
– Medaka Box
– My Hero Academia
– Noragami
– Rurouni Kenshin
– Samurai Champloo
– Soul Eater
– The Prince of Tennis
– The Seven Deadly Sins
– Ultimate Otaku Teacher
– Yowamushi Pedal

Isekai Being Isekai
– Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!
– Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
– In Another World With My Smartphone
– Kemono Michi: Rise Up
– No Game, No Life
– Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?
– That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
– The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
– Wise Man’s Grandchild

– Place to Place: Just plain cute and wholesome
– Anima Yell!: Yeah, they are practicing for cheer leading and stuff but just gives off fluff vibes in general imo.
– Hanamaru Kindergarten: Literally about kindergarten kids and their teachers
– Kiniro Mosiac & Yuru Yuri: If this isn’t cute girls doing cute things idk what is
– Is the Order a Rabbit?: Another cute girls doing cute things anime
– K-On!: Had some sad parts but mainly fluff
– Laid-Back Camp: Camp and Chill
– Lucky☆Star: Eh
– Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Maybe I should have put it under comedy idk, but I remember it to be pretty chill with occasional laughs
– Ms. vampire who lives in my neighborhood: Vampires getting used to modern society
– Non Non Biyori: Let’s chill in the countryside and laugh at cute girls doing cute things
– Silver Spoon: Not quite fluff but just chillin, a city boy learnin to be a farmer and stuffz
– Slow Start: Honestly putting this here cause I can’t remember much about this show at all
– Sweetness & Lightning: Chill cookin with daughter
– Tanaka-kun is Always Listless: Literally nothing happens… “Let’s slack off” – The Anime
– The Helpful Fox Senko-san: Not exactly comedy but a possible cure for depression
– The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done!: Cute girls learning shogi
– Today’s Menu for Emiya Family: Let’s forget all the depressing Fate shit and have a happy life with good food
– WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me: Hopeless college student dresses up young girls… don’t worry the college student is a girl too
– Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki: Let’s learn about Nagoya!

Halfway through, I realised that I have a bias which causes me to put school life comedy anime higher on the comedy scale as compared to isekai and action anime cause the main focus will always be on the fighting and action if it’s a fantasy, isekai or adventure anime.

ANYWAYS, this is a completely bias list with zero objectivity and is just my personal opinion. I felt like doing this after seeing Irina’s post…

Well, gonna head to bed now since I ended up taking two whole hours (the time now is 2am) to go through my entire list of anime that was tagged with comedy by Anilist.

Hope you enjoyed this not very readable “list”

– K.A.L.T


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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