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Endless Eight – Spot the Differences

So I decided to write a list of all the differences that I can remember I picked up on in the Endless Eight episodes from season 2 of “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”.

Before I start, I just want to emphasise that there is no way I can mention or describe in detail the number of differences in camera angles, camera focus, scene changes or attire changes.

Anyway, here I go:

– When Kyon gets a phone call every morning while watching the baseball game, he doesn’t always say he’s “sympathetic” and thus supports the losing team. Sometimes he just says he supports the losing team
– The timing at which Kyon picks up his cell phone is pretty much always different
– Kyon’s little sister was sitting at various different positions and doing different things each time
– Haruhi sometimes said to bring swimming attire and bike first then added on to bring lots of money and other times said swimming attire and money before adding on to bring his bike
– When they meet before going swimming, Kyon usually says sorry for being late to Asahina but is slightly different for the last one as he says he came for her
– The camera angles in their conversations are always different and are focusing on different things
– The scene of Haruhi getting on the bicycle is always different and sometimes not even shown
– Them reaching the pool is sometimes outside the place and sometimes just showing them already at the pool area
– The placement of the “do not dive” sign was different in different episodes
– Where Kyon and Itsuki talk about Haruhi’s sense of normal is different every episode as well as their conversation itself. they take out bits and pieces at some points and add them back in in other episodes (they did this to a lot of conversations tbh)
– Of course, their swimsuits were always different (honestly not gonna really mention but attires are different every episode)
– Their activities at the pool are sometimes shortened and sometimes more emphasised
– Nagato being bored is always at a different place. She was even standing once.
– Kyon relaxed in many different positions when he noticed Nagato being bored. Sometimes lying down sometimes sitting upright with a towel
– When Haruhi brought 2 kids to tell them they can ask her members of SOS brigade to do anything, the ball she had later hit either Asahina or Kyon.
– At lunch where Haruhi reveals what she wants to do in the next two weeks, everyone sat at different positions each time (I think)
– At lunch Nagato sometimes finished her drink and sometimes didn’t
– At lunch Itsuki checks the list of things to do for different periods of time, the first time they showed it, he didn’t even check
– Kyon only asks Nagato if she’s alright in some episodes, usually at different places too
– At some point they stopped showing Kyon getting a phone call to be told they found a place that is holding the festival and skip to the yukata sequence or skip to the festival
– Them picking out yukata sequence is always a little different and was cut out entirely once (ofc the yukata were always different too)
– Kyon only realised that he had been to the same festival just recently through strong deja vu in some episodes (by strong deja vu as in he looks at the stores and vendors and tall thingies and says wait a min, i know all this)
– The mask that Nagato got was usually different and there was once he didn’t even ask her if she wanted food before she headed for the mask store
– One episode Nagato had her mask covering her face when Haruhi asked her about the mask
– they were at different locations whenever Haruhi asked about the mask
– Haruhi only offered Kyon takoyaki in some episodes
– In the last episode, Haruhi didn’t mention the number of goldfish she caught (every other episode she mentioned 13 though)
– If i’m not wrong, they didn’t always show them doing the fireworks? the discussion to catch bugs were sometimes just read out while looking at scenery (if i remember correctly)
– Sometimes Haruhi immediately said it was a cicada catching contest and other times Itsuki needed to ask if the type of bug mattered
– Their bug cages were different every time
– Nagato caught a different type of bug at the start for every episode
– They released the cicadas at different locations
– Kyon only complained about being made to catch bugs only to release them in some episodes
– Their part time job was the same all episodes but kyon only got kicked by a kid in two and they were constantly doing slightly different things in the outfits
– There was one episode where Haruhi didn’t have a Popsicle, needless to say all the episodes with a Popsicle… the Popsicle was a different colour
– Kyon got woken up in the middle of the night while sleeping in different positions and phone at different placements. his reactions were always slightly different or cut off
– Him cycling to meet Nagato, Itsuki and Asahina wasn’t always shown
– The explanations were always slightly varied and so were the character positions whenever they met. the camera angles were all different and focused on different things
– sometimes Asahina cried more than others
– When referring to who knew everything more than just a deja vu, Kyon’s lead on to ask Nagato if it was true was always varied
– The extent of Nagato’s explanation of the different scenarios had 2 variations I think
– On the way back, Kyon only used a calculator in one episode to determine how many years the number of times they repeated summer vacation times 2 weeks was. That’s some insane mental sums!!
– Them looking at mars was always a little different, sometimes greatly shortened.
– Itsuki and Kyon were always in slightly different positions when discussing who should say “I love you” to Haruhi
– Kyon and Nagato at the baseball batting place sometimes had a conversation shown and sometimes didn’t. the focus at that place was constantly different. they even took out the baseball place in one episode I think
– The scenes used to depict everything they did after were constantly different. Sometimes it actually showed them going for fireworks, movies, karaoke, bowling and fishing sometimes it didn’t
– When they did show them going to the movies, their reactions to the movies were always different I think
– Them meeting up finally at the end after doing everything, their sitting positions were different and sometimes they focused on her folding the paper and sometimes they didn’t
– Some episodes they focused the strong deja vu as haruhi was leaving the restaurant and sometimes they didn’t
– Kyon only tried to do some of his homework in the first run through, some he left completely empty, some he just wrote big words on his notebook.

And people say that the endless eight episodes are all the same…



My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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