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Weekly Anime Roundup #2

So I’m back at it again this week!

Since I’ve done it once before, you know that I just write about anime I’ve binge watched throughout the week so let’s just get started!

First, I may not have completed it like all the anime I mentioned in last week’s post (excluding Val x Love) but, Psycho Pass 3 was the first anime I binged this week.

Psycho Pass 3 (Episode 7 out of 8)

I may have only watched 7 out of 8 episodes but that’s because I was afraid that episode 8 would end with a cliffhanger. Episode 7 felt satisfying enough to stop at without dying for what comes next. I’ll probably finish episode 8 once the First Inspector movie comes out. Hopefully it comes to Singapore cinemas like the previous trilogy of Psycho Pass movies did!

Of course, being a sequel, you’ll only watch it if you’ve watched the first 2 seasons. If you haven’t watched it and love yourself some serious sci-fi, action and psychological thriller anime. Getting invested in Psycho Pass would be a good choice!

Contrary to the first 2 seasons though, the inspectors this season are pretty much like enforcers but with clear hues. It really makes things a little more interesting despite the fact that the main villains that act behind the scenes have motives and mannerisms I don’t quite get the meaning.

Perhaps you could hold off on Psycho Pass until the First Inspector Movie (season 3 sequel) gets released though.

On a not so important note, I feel like I have to mention that season 3 required a whole lot more brains to watch than the first 2 seasons.

Next up is Chihayafuru (Season 1)

Honestly, I could probably dedicate an entire post to this anime. (but I probably won’t)

To keep it short, let’s just say that this is a fun anime about a “sport” that I’d never heard of before called Karuta. The interactions between the characters are fun and all but what I like is the focus on their inner thoughts.

What can I do to become better? How can I become better?

They are constantly trying their best to become the strongest Karuta player in Japan. The main heroine especially has a real straightforward do-or-die attitude. She pushes forward with everything she does even if people try to reject her or push her away. Although sometimes she can be a little too pushy, there is someone to hold her back.

If you like your drama, slice of life with a fun and energetic female main character (that I could totally see being in a “cute girls doing cute things” anime if not for her ambition), this would be a good show for you.

Of course, she faces many setbacks that she has to overcome along the way and you learn the importance of learning from failure that most anime emphasise. Even if someone else beats you at something, you can always find another way to beat them. You don’t have to always try to beat your opponent at their strength after all! You gotta play to your own strengths and analyse your opponent objectively without simply passing them off as an invincible figure.

No matter how many times you fail, always try to make sure that at the end of it all, you feel it was all worth it!

Finally, The Melancholy/Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. (28 Eps + Movie)

Honestly, this gave me the same vibes as The Tatami Galaxy. The way the main character talks at least. The art and animation are completely different though (obviously).

The main character is constantly complaining yet goes with the flow for everything. He blames the fact that he is constantly being dragged around by Haruhi just like how the main character in Tatami Galaxy blames all his actions on Ozu. Ozu and Haruhi are both selfish individuals who go all the way for whatever it is they want. The only difference is that Haruhi has a lot more power than she thinks she does. While it’s all fun and games most of the time, sometimes she’s especially cruel to one of the members in the SOS brigade. Even if I’m not a fan of the character she kind of bullies, it’s not pretty to watch at times (more like one specific time I’m thinking about).

Anyways, for the most part it’s a fun show but when you think about it, it’s kind of a shit world to live in. As for the movie… I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say that Nagato is precious.

Not so importantly though, the “Endless Eight” episodes I had heard about wasn’t all that bad to watch. (I watched them in a single sitting fyi) It was pretty fun to watch the same flow of events but with very different camera angles, camera focus, character positions, sign placement, slight dialogue variations as well as different attires for every character every episode.

Conclusion (?)

Well, not many anime this week because Haruhi was superrr long but hope you enjoyed this week’s anime roundup just as much as last week’s. (assuming you enjoyed the first one)

See ya next week (hopefully)!

– K.A.L.T


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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