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Song Lyric Sunday – Give/Get/Take/Receive

Some people say that nothing is scarier than a free gift. Or rather, I recently heard that line in an anime I watched. It also proved to be true in a k-drama that my family dragged me to watch together. “Free gifts” given by certain people is simply a means for them to put you in their debt.

In life, we should take hold of our own lives and not be over-reliant on what other people have to offer. Sure, we might need their help once in a while, but we cannot let them take over our lives entirely.

If we let them take over our lives, it’ll become even more difficult to get it back.

This week’s Song Lyric Sunday choice is “Dear Doppelganger” covered by Mafumafu.
If you’re interested in the original click here.

Remember to turn on English captions if you actually want to understand the song

I know this song probably wasn’t the point of the theme so I probably had to stretch it a little but I think I managed to make it make sense.

The lead-in wasn’t exactly talking about the same thing as the song though. The song makes me think of my ideal image of myself living my life for me leaving no space for me to actually be myself. A scary thought and honestly not one I haven’t faced before. After all, I used to have to keep up the image of a “hard-working” student back when I was in school. It felt like the image I had created left no more space for my self that just wanted to relax. It was real tiring honestly. So right now, I’m just cherishing my carefree self that I feel permitted to be until I start University in August.

– K.A.L.T


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

3 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday – Give/Get/Take/Receive

    1. Information Systems.
      Well, it hasn’t affected anyone I know personally and it seems that the situation isn’t particularly out of control. We still haven’t been raised to dorscon red too.


  1. The duality of playing our roles vs. the real person we are can get tricky. If you play the role too long you become the role and the real person gets left along the trail. The music is a little too frenetic for me but the lyrics get the point across very well. Glad you’ve had a chance to unwind and remember who you are until college begins.

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