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Who Is The Victim?

So, with that title you probably can’t tell what anime I want to talk about in this post. So I’ll just let you know about the anime I wanted to talk to you guys about.


Once I found that Beastars had been released on Netflix in my country, I obviously had to go give it a watch. After all, it’s the anime I’ve heard many good things about from various parties online.

In the end, it was definitely a worthwhile watch.

I’ll be honest though, it was a little difficult to watch for me as I had only been consuming laid-back slice of life anime where nothing really happens. Compared to those, Beastars took a much more serious tone and worked with complicated relationships together with inner conflict.

While others might be able to talk more about those complicated relationships and why Legoshi is an amazing main character, I wanted to talk about the setting of the whole show.

remember when I said I hate/don’t really like timid main characters? I take that back.

In Beastars, while carnivores are indeed stronger than herbivores, they are discriminated out of fear by the herbivores. That reminded me of Tokyo Ghoul where ghouls are discriminated against for eating humans.

Just as there are bad ghouls, there are also bad carnivores. Some actively want to prey on the weak while some simply want to survive. It’s kind of like the difference between people who “live to eat” and “eat to live”. In the end, due to how it is portrayed in Tokyo Ghoul and Beastars, you end up pitying the supposed predators over the prey. In Tokyo Ghoul, Anteiku ghouls try to blend into society by surviving on coffee and occasional human meat when humans kill themselves. Likewise, in Beastars, the more tame carnivores survive on other foods like egg sandwiches and generally do not eat other animals. (although, in Beastars the only carnivore you really do feel sorry for is Legoshi) However, in both anime, these otherwise harmless predators are discriminated against for existing.


Their existence threatens those around them.

Everyone fears their existence.

So no matter what they do, even if they try to keep to themselves, they will get hated and harassed. Even if they have not done anything. At this point, it makes me think of all the people in Psycho Pass who got imprisoned just because they have a high crime coefficient (deemed to be highly likely to commit a crime). Do they really deserve to be robbed of their future just like that? What if their thoughts are vulgar but their self-control and self-restraint is top-notch? What if they can clearly distinguish fantasy from reality and can be a decent human being in society? Sometimes, some people’s thoughts might be very questionable and disgusting to most people but no one would be able to tell based on their behaviour and interactions with others. (Source: Me)

If it brings no harm, why should they be hated for it? They aren’t actually doing anything after all. They simply have their own thoughts, opinions and feelings. You can’t just tell someone to stop feeling something when they intrinsically feel that way. It’s like telling someone who watched “Your Lie in April” to not be sad or telling someone to stop liking anime.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Lately on twitter, I’ve been seeing a lot of drama. People are constantly fighting each other online and pushing their morals onto each other. “I’m right, so it’s okay to harass you.”, “You’re disgusting, what kind of opinion is that?” Obviously, I’m no where close to some sort of divine being that can judge others but to be frank, these sort of things just don’t sit right with me.

If you keep on pushing your morals on others and giving them hate, the cycle of hate will continue. If you think harassing others is okay or even the right thing to do because you believe you have the moral high ground, I guess I just won’t be able to see eye-to-eye with you. All the harassment and hate you send their way will do is make them strengthen their beliefs. “Why are they hating on me for liking this?”, “Why is my opinion so bad?”. With those thoughts in mind, they will isolate themselves from everyone who thinks differently from them for fear of getting hurt. In the end, it closes off the path for those who seriously want to have a serious talk with them. A serious talk where both state their opinions while respecting the other and trying to convince the other of changing without hurting their sense of self.

don’t be this guy

Think about it, in Tokyo Ghoul, the ghouls didn’t want to approach the humans first because they were sure they wouldn’t listen to them. The humans will definitely try to kill us if we were to reveal ourselves. It’s the same way with regular humans here in reality. We need to know that our opinions will be heard and not instantly rejected from the get-go. We need to stop discriminating not just when it comes to race, religion and gender but opinions as well. Even if we cannot agree with each other, if we find that what we disagree on doesn’t bring about any harm to each other or society, we can just mind our own business. We don’t have to force one party to take the fall and become the victim.

After all, how many of us can claim to have a truly pure heart and mind?

In the end, what truly matters is not simply one’s thoughts, but one’s ability to restrain themselves to do only what is socially acceptable. With this in mind, the only way to judge people, is to see if they act in a manner you can agree with in real life. (which is not something you can do if you only know one’s online persona)

– K.A.L.T

Sorry, probably not gonna be doing an anime weekly round up anymore. Why? Well, it’s kind of boring and I just have to stop myself from typing too much every time. It’s just not fun when I have to restrict how much I can talk about an anime ya know?


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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