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Song Lyric Sunday – Touch/Feel

Our sense of touch allows us to feel what is around us, it gives us a sense of reality. If we couldn’t feel anything, it would be akin to being non-existent. Whether we are standing, sitting or lying down, we are in constant contact with something. Be it the ground, a chair, sofa or a bed.

Honestly, to not be able to touch, to feel, would be a very scary feeling. It would disconnect you from the world around you and throw you into unimaginable darkness…

Thus, this week’s choice for Song Lyric Sunday is “Dark Night” by Eve.

Honestly, there couldn’t be a more fitting ending song for Dororo than this.

While the theme for this week is touch/feel, this song is about a certain individual who lacks his sense of touch. In fact, the main character of the anime series this song was used for lacked all his five senses at the start. All he could go by was his ability to see the souls of others.

While he may lack his sense of touch, he feels emotions just like normal humans. Even if he couldn’t see, hear or touch the one close to him, he wanted more than anything to be able to embrace it and feel the warmth of the one he cherishes.

– K.A.L.T


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

8 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday – Touch/Feel

  1. I like the song. The animation was not for me. I am sending my son and his wife a link to the youtube to see if they have watched it and if they haven’t maybe they will after watching it.


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