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Pet – Just A Few Thoughts… Season 2 Please?

Disclaimer: There are spoilers for the anime “pet” so please do not read if you intend to watch the anime.

Honestly, I have to say I really enjoyed pet despite not particularly liking any character. This is kind of amazing because I’m the type of anime fan who usually needs to like a character or two to get invested in the anime. Then again, perhaps it’s just a thriller at work.

As someone who usually neglects reading the synopsis of anime I watch, I had a hard time following what in the world was going on in pet at first. If you watched it, you probably know why… I had no idea who the good guys or bad guys were!

In the end, I figured everyone is pretty much a bad guy. Or at least, working for a bad guy. Honestly, the amount of manipulation going on in this show is just… wow. Though mainly just the side of the higher ups in the organisation. From what I can tell though, the organisation is just downright evil. All I ever see them doing is going around breaking people.

Well, to be more precise, asking their underlings to go around breaking people.

Perhaps I’m just really slow to understand things but I never even really understood why they were breaking others. I just had to assume that they were people who want to go against the organisation.

As season 1 came to a close, two pets escaped from the organisation but vowed to save the others in the organisation from going through the same fate as them. From what I can tell, season 2 will probably be even more interesting than the first. The first season was the building up of the evil organisation, getting to know the cast and building up the protagonists for the second season.

Finally! The second season will have the protagonists I couldn’t find in the first season.

A pair of “good” guys who will fight against the evil organisation and free the pets under their control.

I’m pretty excited for a season 2.

Unfortunately though, it would seem that the chances of that are slim…

– K.A.L.T

Sorry for this really lame write-up, I felt like I really needed to write about it but I lack the competence to actually write an in-depth post about this show. The ability to go into other’s minds, breaking them, controlling them, it was real intense to watch but looking back now, I can’t really remember much except for how it made me want to keep watching one episode after another.


My thoughts are always fleeting. Writing is the only way I can remember all the things that once crossed my mind.

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