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Song Lyric Sunday – Give/Get/Take/Receive

Some people say that nothing is scarier than a free gift. Or rather, I recently heard that line in an anime I watched. It also proved to be true in a k-drama that my family dragged me to watch together. “Free gifts” given by certain people is simply a means for them to put you in their debt.

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Song Lyric Sunday – North/South/East/West

When people talk about directions in terms of North, South, East and West, it gives me the impression that they are lost in a forest or open land with no signs of civilisation.

After all, based on various entertainment mediums, when you’re lost, as long as you go straight ahead in either one of the four directions, you’ll eventually get out. However, you never know how long it would take.

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Song Lyric Sunday – Listen/Hear/Talk/Speak

As we go about our daily lives, unless we live in complete isolation, we are bound to end up conversing with those around us. We say what we want to say and listen to what others have to say. Days go by and we end up thinking of it as brainless exchanges.

However, what if there are hints of something more within a person’s words yet all we do is hear them out? What if what we really need to do is listen carefully and read between the lines?

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