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Top 5 Reasons I Delete Messages

Recently I saw a post by Irina about Top 5 Lists and felt like making one myself. However, I’m just plain terrible at ranking things due to the fact that I rarely have favourites and can’t choose one over the other. Thus, making a top 5 list for anime or manga is just plain impossible for me.

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Relationships – Anime vs Reality

Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard or seen many people jokingly talk about how having waifus or husbandos are better than actually getting a wife or a husband. Honestly, while this personal individual writing this post seems to agree, I’m not talking about those things.

In anime, it’s not uncommon to find strong bonds of friendships in shounen anime. The type where the friends would literally die for each other. In our relatively peaceful reality, dying for someone else’s sake isn’t really something we’d think about. Or rather, we probably wouldn’t be put in a situation to think about on a regular basis.

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