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Muse Licensed Spring Anime 2020

Note: This is a 3 page post.

At the start of the week, Muse SG (@musesg_) announced a couple of spring anime that have been licensed by Muse through their Instagram stories over the course of two days. However, they made it clear that they were not YouTube upload announcements. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a list of which of these series I really want to be available on their YouTube Channel – Muse Asia.

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Short Updates: Scheduled Postings, Types of Posts

Okay, so you’ve probably noticed, if you’re one of those who follow every one of my posts closely, that the frequency of my posts have gone down the past week or two.

Unfortunately, it’s probably gonna stay this way. Writing daily is rather taxing considering I need to binge an entire anime series and think of what to write.

So for now, I’m just going to be scheduling posts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday and Saturday posts can be about anything really.

Sunday posts will continue to be my typical Song Lyric Sunday posts.

Just felt I should share this with you guys and hope you don’t mind too much. Also, if you guys ever have any topics you want me to talk about feel free to share! I know the probability is kind of low considering most of you who follow me are more than capable of writing and expressing your thoughts. But I figured I’d ask anyways.

– K.A.L.T